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Weed "Hangover"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Coup D'etat, May 15, 2010.

  1. You guys ever feel the hangover with weed? It happened the first two dozen times I smoked, but after that I never felt it.

    That is, I would smoke the night before and wake up the next day very much out of it, and feeling lightheaded. Not that I was high, but "hungover" in a sense.

    Hasn't happened in awhile, but I'm under the impression its a tolerance thing. Any other thoughts or experiences?
  2. yeah, it mostly is a tolerance thing. But sometimes you just feel what is called "burnt out," but that is easily solved by smoking more. :D
  3. nope the most that heppend is that i felt really really sleepy when my high came down
    like im on sleep medication or something
  4. Nononono.

    I'm talking about you smoke, you go to sleep (not a nap, but 8 hour sleep),and wake up the next day and feel groggy as fuck.


    And this usually happened when I was so fucking tired/blasted that I just had to sleep, you know?
  5. This used to happen to me the first couple of times I smoked, and it still happens rarely even now, if I smoke like 5 bowls in one night when I haven't smoked for a week beforehand, I'll wake up feeling kinda groggy and out of it, but after some coffee and a shower I'm fine, or better yet, a wake n bake.
  6. Happens if I smoke right before I crash.
  7. Yea i know what you mean. It happens whenever i take a t-break then i start smoking again, blunts are rough to start up on :D Your avatar makes me want to have an underworld marathon, just so i can see kate beckinsale in her tight leather outfits :ey:
  8. SO TRUE MAN that is happening to me right now
  9. When I first started blazing that would happen
  10. LOL sig is funny
  11. Depends on how much I smoke the night before, but, I know exactly what you're talking about.
  12. Happens to me whenever I smoke more than a few bowls. 5 hour energy is the greatest fix ive found.

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