weed growing, males and females

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  1. hey guys just want some opinions, this is a first time thing for me, and since i love weed, i figured, fuck it, why not grow it!!!!
    But i'm at the stage where i don't know what is what, like what is male and what is female. here are some pics, if i could get some feed back from some of you guys that'd be great!!!

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  2. Your going to have to take some more pics, only get closer and can you turn the lights off and put the plants against a background that will show them much clearer, sorry but at my age your eyes tend to fade! lol...or is it because i'm stoned?
  3. sorry but if my eyes aren't deceiving me i'd say you have 3 males there...hard to tell without a closer pic, they are also quite long, i'd suggest getting some more light for you're next grow...possibly a hps light.....try this link... www.insidesun.com ....Peace out...Sid....ps check you're pm box i've sent you a good grow guide that i find handy....
  4. Whats the Differance between a male and female
  5. sidious would you mind sending that grow guide to me as well?

  6. Done my friend...hope it all goes well.....Peace out...Sid
  7. I hate to be a pest but could you send ME a copy of the grow giude also?
  8. Done....Peace out....Sid
  9. perhaps i could get that as welll...?
  10. done.....Peace out...Sid
  11. i hate to bother ya but im new and could i get a copy too?
  12. done....good luck....Peace out....Sid
  13. Hey sid i got some webspace, if u want i coud post it for u and u could put the link in your signature ;}

    Neways arent females generaly bushy when they grow?
  14. that would be handy....let me know how to do that....do i just send it to you?....as for females being bushy, i've noticed that most times the male plants will grow faster than the females.....Peace out....Sid
  15. i'd also be happy to get that grow guide
  16. done...check your pm box....Peace out....Sid
  17. Could you possibly send me that guide too?
    Thx in advance!
  18. you can find it at the link under my signature.....Peace out....Sid

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