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  1. Hi Everyone! Basically I am considering building a weed growing app and wanted to hear everyone’s opinion on the subject. Here is a general over view of what I want the app to do:

    -Track the size of the plant (height, number of buds, weight, etc.)

    -Track what is given to the plant (amount of water, nutrients, pH levels, etc.)

    -Maintain a calendar of when events occur (sprouting, light change, harvest, etc.)

    -Analyze conditions and make recommendations on growing methods

    Ideally all this information would be stored on a database, anonymously of course, then data from all users would be analyzed and used to make recommendations to the individual users.

    Let me know what you guys think. Do you guys think this is worth the effort? Would you use is? What other features do you think I should add?
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  2. I would use and also pay for a app that does this as long as its simple to use and has a clean, easy-to-navigate template..

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  3. I would love to be a tester for this app if your serious. Help detect any bugs or errors or ways to make it more functionally.

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  4. im definitely down to test this as well. would it have nute tracking as well?

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    That would be awesome. I will definitely hit you up when I start to get this thing off the ground.
  6. I would like to gather as much information as possible and I believe that tracking the nutrients given is a must. Is there any additional information you would like to see tracked?
  7. ph in, and runoff ph?
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  8. it would be really cool if you could find a way to make it interface with grass city and the journals section specifically. So you could upload your progress straight to your journal.
  9. Would you prefer to use GrassCity to view your progress on the web or would you prefer a new website specifically created to display an individuals gathered information? Or Both?
  10. i think a site specifically for it would be better
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  11. yeah honestly a separate website would be just fine, and potentially easier as far as programming. I just think having an option to link it to a journal would be very useful. And if the website was just for this app and journals, it would probably cut down on a lot of the bullshit.
    I envision a scrolling journal, but with a fixed sidebar, showing the setup and nutes. Lights, soil, ect.
    So essentially you are scrolling thru the journal, looking at pics or other entries and when you see that one beautiful bud shot that makes you drool and wonder "what the fuck light is he using?" or "what nutes was he giving?" its right there in the fixed box.
    does that make sense or do I need to smoke another? haha
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  12. One specific site to keep it simple, but it wouldn't hurt to partner up with the forums if possible. As for information, keep simple parameters at first with the possibility of adding external units that could measure and add nutrients/supplements as needed. But I think with the inevitability of the automated future, be sure to keep it as budget friendly as possible - or even open source that shit. That, powered with detailed input, growth statistics, and strain library....shit, you have the capability of changing the game completely.

    The real trick will be getting as much information as possible while keeping a sleak, streamlined UI

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  13. Ya, that makes sense. I like the idea of having the set up right there to see. Also, you are implying a way in which other people would be able to see your journal. Do you think a social aspect should be included with the website? For example, people can see what plants you are currently growing and leave comments, such as suggestions, on your current grow.
  14. well, personally I would say yes, having a social aspect would be cool. For me personally I have a huge wall calendar that I write all my scribbles on to remind me what I did and when. But I have a journal on here for the social aspect, not to help me remember what I do.
    But i'm a different beast, i'm totally a creature of habit, so when I get in a routine, I stick to it. especially when it works for me haha.
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  15. I would definitely like to include a strain library, so that users can get specific information on the strains they are growing. Eventually, Id like to have enough information gathered on strains that the app can predict the traits of future cross strains.
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  16. Maybe try building DIY kits that are plug and play with the app. Need a pH probe? Add it and update. Need to add an inline injector? Add it and update. Jus remember APPs have the potential of being "household name" products.

    I'd over course also be interested in testing. I really want to get into product reviews and testing and I'd truly appreciate an app that could handle multiple inputs from each parameter while comparing data and showing which one is the true champion. Also, be sure to add a PAR meter attachment so we can take test lighting easier within the app. Possibly making phone-powered plug and play meters as well as static wall mounted versions for remote monitoring

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  17. Out of curiosity, how many plants do you guys typically have going at one time? I'm think the app should be able to track 10 plants to start out.
  18. well, most states that have it legal for medicinal reasons the number seems to be 10 or 12. In my state its 12 plants and I have 4 in flower and 6 in various veg stages, and two little clones.
  19. Maybe make it 20 plants for the sake of having extra? Like for test runs and things.

    But the whole idea is awesome! I"ll definitely be getting it.
  20. Why would you have to limit the plants? Just initiate them as their own class. What language are you coding in?

    for instance, identify each grow(tent) as a user defined entity where we can specify lights/plants/method(soil/hydro)

    that way we can add each of our grow spaces seperately (veg/flower/seed) with all their own specifications

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