Weed Gods.

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    I dont know if other fellow stoners have had experiences of sheer miracle feats, it seems like at least.

    Here recently, I came home with a huge supply of great crystally and beautiful purple dank. Smoked like a king for a long period of time. Until what I dub "the dark ages" that feeling of dread we all have had. We run out. I was going to have to go almost a week without smoking again. (pay day was a week later)
    Do-able, but not really a path im wanting to travel.
    But the other day I woke up, and randomly remembered I had stashed a 10 somewhere in my room, and then I found a hugeeeeee ass jar full of change in my closet and when and Coinstarred it (blazed of course. I felt like a pirate with lost treasure)

    Now am once again smoking like a emperor.

    I just think my prayers were answered by the weed gods lol they put that money there for me hahaha

    Anyone else have any silly stories of weed deity help?
  2. cool story bra. i pay for my weed with my paycheck.
  3. One time me and my friend were looking for weed for hours and everyone was dry so we were driving around kinda bummed. Then he grabs a napkin from my back seat to blow his nose and realizes there's a fat nug of dank wrapped up in it, xlose ti a gram. It didn't belong to either of us and I asked all the people who were recently in my car if they lost it and no one claimed it. I still haven't the slightest idea how it got there
  4. Same here man, just pay day was a week later ( i should have probably put that in the story hahaha)

  5. Hell yeah man. That is awesome.:hello:

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