Weed fucked up my life

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  1. So I want to share my story with you guys, and maybe get some help and finally enjoy life and I apologize for my english in advance. It's been 3 months since last time I smoked weed. I am not an regular weed smoker, I usually do it once or twice a month. So the last time I smoked weed my life totally changed. I bought .5g and decided to smoke it all in one session. Since I don't smoke weed regularly it hit me really hard and I went to sleep, but I started tripping really hard that my heart stopped beating and that I couldn't breath. I somehow managed to fall asleep and 7 hours later when I woke up I still felt high. I thought it will go away quickly , but I actually felt high for four days (not constantly tho, maybe 4 hours a day). A week later I started thinking what if I actually never woke up from that night, that I died, what if all this is just an after life. Then I started thinking what if I actually am alive but this is all just fake, what if I am living an virtual reality since I was born, what if non of this is real. When I see my friends I am thinking what if they are just my imagination, what if all this is just my imagination. I just can't stop thinking about it, I feel depressed. I just need some proof that I am still alive, that I did actually wake up from that night...
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  3. Hey. Stop. Quit thinking that it's all some kind of cosmic plot outside of you. This same thing happened to me a long time ago and I ended up having a nervous break down. Just keep reminding yourself that thoughts are simply thoughts. They are nothing more. Do not think that you have to act on them or pay attention to them especially if they are scaring you. Just remind yourself that hurtful thoughts and scary thoughts are somewhere deep in your imagination. Push them back where they came from, look around you and realize that you are safe

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  4. I really am trying, but it keeps coming back. It's like I'm not controlling my mind anymore..
  5. You just started smoking, had a bad experience and are quite hung up, be it lingering effects or a distancing from your previous perception. Whatever the reason, if it is continually an issue, maybe there's something else going on and that needs to be addressed as well? There is likely a whole lot that isn't easy to jam into a little text. My advice would be if it is a problem and you are concerned and cannot manage a or trust someone to reach out to, then perhaps seek some help beyond what you can do yourself, even if professional. I hate saying that as a general rule but we are all different after all and sometimes clarity is best reached with some assistance. I'd stay away from cannabis for now until you get sorted, you will probably have a bad time if you are expecting it and medicate.
  6. The same happened to me. It's a bad side effect sometimes from smoking pot. You just need to push the thoughts out of your head. If you can't, you need to see a professional and they can give you an anti-anxiety medicine to help the thoughts go away. It is very hard to control. If you have someone in your life that you trust, confide in them and they can possibly help talk you down
  7. Depersonalization can consist of a detachment within the self regarding one's mind or body, or being a detached observer of oneself. Subjects feel they have changed and that the world has become vague, dreamlike, less real, or lacking in significance. It can be a disturbing experience.
    Though degrees of depersonalization and derealization can happen to anyone who is subject to temporary anxiety or stress, chronic depersonalization is more related to individuals who have experienced a severe trauma or prolonged stress/anxiety. Depersonalization-derealization is the single most important symptom in the spectrum of dissociative disorders, including dissociative identity disorderand "dissociative disorder not otherwise specified
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  8. Ok.. but what if this truly is all fake?
  9. I have been like this for 3 months now, haven't touched weed since then. I do have friends that I trust, but not that much to tell them this. There are times when I actually feel like I'm myself again, when I'm hanging out with friends, laughing. But then out of nowhere my mind is full of those thoughts..
  10. Fake or not, you have no control outside of yourself. you live life as the reality that you know
  11. That usually happens to me only when I'm stoned. I try to see them for just what they are. Thoughts not real
  12. Years that's pretty much how I feel like
  13. If you suspect you have a clinical disorder, see a professional. This is no time to diagnose yourself

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  14. My mistake, was tripping myself my man.

    I do think maybe if it has lasted this long, my hat is off to you, stuff like that can be very hard to cope with, especially while trying to keep up appearances.
  15. That's what I keep telling myself all the time.
    Thank you for your help btw, I really appreciate it , I just hope I'll get through this..
  16. Go see a therapist... seriously my friend.
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  17. Life can be a bitch so don't let your own mind make it even worse.
  18. You aren't real. You are simply a figment of a collective consciousness manifested into reality as flesh.

    No but seriously, don't take anything stronger than Cannabis. Ever.
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  19. You are responsible for your own life. Blaming weed is a cop out.
  20. This is a borderline heartless reply to someone who's dealing with a serious issue The pot triggered a lurking anxiety issue, possibly disorder and it is no joke.
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