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Weed-food or Weed smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gBong, Feb 2, 2004.


How do you like your weed?

  1. Smoked

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  2. Baked (food)

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  3. I dont smoke

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  4. Any friggin way i can get my hands on it

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  1. i personally like both. I feel that when you have a lot of weed, u should cook (especially if your in some kind of cooking class where everybody eats what you made heh)
    but sometimes the slackers with no jobs cant get a lot, or they can but have other expenses

    well, for those without jobs, just get one, its very easy to get a job unless u live in the middle of nowhere, its not that hard to do work, and yea it can be boring, but just think about all the green (money & weed) lifes better with a job folks
  2. Thanks for the little motivational thread. I'll be sure to get right on it...
  3. keep it real, its ment to be smoked... smoking of the weed is an art form.. haha
  4. smoke one..

    I love smoking, its really hard not to smoke so much since I quit smoking cigs too.. oh well, just the higher I get :)
  5. well when i could....i always smoked...
  6. Never tried eating it...but I sure do love smoking.
  7. WEating is easier on the lungs and body.. It does take too much time though..

    Either way is great.. the highs are a bit different as well!!!!!
  8. i dont bake wit it,i smoke it,and with the stuff thats left over i call them "weed flakies" lol and i put them on my finger and eat them but thats it,i like the taste it takes the sumtimes nasty taste not always tho mmmm "weeeeeed flakieees!!!!!!!!" lol
  9. I always like smoking best...
  10. it would be cool to get a sweet recipe, smoke a nice joint, then make them to munch out on... thats the only way i would do it...
  11. Both ways are good, i love to smoke and i love to eat it.

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