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Weed fixes my Hyperhydrosis c:

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wkndstnr, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Sup guys? I have hyperhydrosis, and it's a bitch. It just means I sweat a shit ton. I can't walk up a flight of stairs (or something of equal physical movement) without sweating usually, and it's really annoying. I can't fix it and my whole life there's been nothing I could do about it.

    But, when I smoke the weeds it goes away. There was a flight of stairs at school I have to walk to to get to my first period, and every morning would be ruined because as soon as I got to 1st period, EXCESSIVE SWEATING EVERYWHERE. But I usually go to school high, and for a while I didn't notice, but one day it just clicked that I just don't when I'm high on the marijuanas.

    So now I have a reason(excuse ;3) to smoke weed errday, and not sweating is FUCKING AWESOME.:hello:

    To all of you who don't sweat a shit ton out of nowhere for everything, appreciate it. It's the shit. Also here's a picture of my new babby pipe.

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  2. Cheers man. Glad to hear it helps out your unfortunate situation.
  3. Glad the weeds works for you. The marijuanas is very powerful :D
  4. good for you bro, that shit would suck. since you live in Cali why don't you just go get a medical card now?! sounds like a legitimate reason to me..
  5. Dude, I know someone else who has this. Surgery can fix it permanently, but I've heard it can be risky, and they have to basically do two surgeries (one on each side of your body).

    Thank you very much for the first-hand experience smoking did for you. If you don't mind sharing, what strain are you smoking? Have you found other strains as effective?

    Thanks again for the info! :smoke:

  6. I forgot to edit my location, I don't live in a medical state anymore. :(

    Never heard of that surgery. Almost sounds worth it. :p

    And for me, it's no particular strain. I haven't noticed a difference regarding sweating and strain. Even corn (kinda shitty weeds) makes me stop sweating, I just have to be high I guess.
  7. Dude! I have the same thing never really knew what it was called.It fucking sucks though I try to wear black shirts all the time or a sweatshirt as the sweat stains under my pits are embarassing but my friends know about my issue which makes it not so bad.I will sweat from the pit just standing or sitting and Im a really small dude. I went to the doctors about it and he prescribed me this liquid deoderent for the problem.

    Glad to see weed has helped you now that I think about it im not so sure if it helps my.

  8. Yeah, it sucks dude. I just wear undershirts under everything, so I don't have to wear black all the time. Try smoking and see if it helps and let me know maaaayne. :3
  9. Good for you man, keep tokin! :smoke:
  10. Undershirt as in like a wifebeater? I do that sometimes it even makes it worse. I actually saw our same diagnosis on a tv show on Mtv.Its weird ill shower daily and once I get out and put on deoderent I start sweating more :(

  11. Like a plain white t shirt, but I don't sweat the most under my arms, now that I think about it, it's mostly my face. But I still sweat under my arms, and that just makes it so instead of staining my normal shirt, it stains the undershirt, nawmean?
  12. Hey I sweat excessively at random times of the day. I can be talking to someone and then feel a small sweat on my forehead and then I know a deep sweat is coming. It sucks!! My face feels really hot at times and it can ruin your social life. When I smoke weed it helps me be who I really am.. don't have to worry about my face being drenched with sweat it has been this bad before. when I go to a party for example there's been times when I'm saying high to everyone and I feel like some one turned on the heater. If I smoke a couple bowls I'm confident and don't sweat for a good 2 hrs sometimes I feel being nervous or doing certain thing triggers my sweat.... Is there anyone who has other ways to help my sweating problem? besides weed?

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