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  1. So this saturday me and my friends are gunna each drink a bottle of delsym and do 1g of some dank.

    Is this a good idea? One of my friends claims it will kill us...
  2. No, it won't. Weed will just intensify DXM's effects. I've done it, but I'm still alive aren't I? Have fun
  3. u will shit porcupines and bleed out of your eyesockets. dont do it.
  4. Yeah , it's a good idea. You'll trip hard. I mean HARD. I took 400 mgs before school. Not a good idea.
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    Weed intensifies DXM about two fold, and it's also very very helpful if you get nausea or the trip makes you uncomfortable...for me it's a must when taking DXM. I won't take it unless I have some weed to smoke, otherwise it can wind up a shitty experience.

    edit: btw, a whole bottle is probably too much for one person. If I were you I'd split a 3oz bottle between two people and a 5oz bottle between three. If it's your first time and you have an empty stomach you'll get pretty fucked up.
  6. Should be a fun time. I took 600 ml of it my first time (2 bottles of robitussin) and tripped haaaaard :hippie:

    and smoking weed was awsome. I could take HUGE hits and not feel it because I was on soooo much cough syrup.
  7. Really? It's the exact opposite for me, weed increases my nausea somehow, but i did it anyway. And because weed makes the trip more intense, it makes me more vulnerable to bad trips.

    My first time I split an 8 fluid oz bottle with one other friend, waited 30 minutes and then smoked a bowl. I used Maximum Strength Tussin Cough Syrup, which has 15 mg/5 mL of DXM. Though I must admit I think that was a bit too much for my first time because I was seriously acting crazy/insane during the second half of the trip.

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