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Weed Comparison! Which bud looks the dankest?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420GanjaMan, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So, I have two strains of MJ right now :cool: I want to know based solely on pictures, which one do u think is the dankest. Also, if you think you know, name the strain of each. ;)

    Picture of both :)


    Number 1:



    Number 2:

  2. better lighting would be nice but i'd say the lighter buds look frostier
  3. Definitely #1 Hands Down!
  4. number 2. im an indica person
  5. Id have to go with number 2, it looks very similar to the stuff i have right now.
  6. I voted two. Its kinda hard to judge by just pics.
  7. Oh and just a guess, id say the first is some kind of Purp, Maybe Master Kush(id think so). The second, maybe some kind of Kush?
  8. Number 2 has a better appearance and seems to have better trichome coverage, but ultimately it's however they smoke.

  9. It's not really the lighting, I tried adjusting the lighting all sort of ways but it still looked blurry. I use an iPhone 4S camera and it takes great pictures from far but up close it sucks :mad:
  10. aahhhh yup. a nice bright flash would catch all the crystals better. apparently thats the only thing the iphones lacking. lol

  11. I agree. They both look nice, but if I had to choose based on pics alone, I'd pick the second (greener) stash.
  12. If i had to pic on pics (lol.) then id say two. Send em my way so i can give you a 100 percent accurate smoke test :p
  13. GDP and SD?
  14. Purple Kush and vanilla Kush, not sure about the first but alot of the vanilla kush i have seen looks quite similar, so many strains to just be able to name a picture of one though

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