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weed at school

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by pipesmoker, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I think you'd be wrong there - I doubt most schools could/would part with the cash to put in that amount of cams to cover much.
    I mean the unlucky ones could get caught I suppose it's a possibility.
    Though much more a possibility to get caught from
    a: The smell of the weed
    b: The smell of the weed burning while the smoker/s think they're being mad stealthy
    c: Stupid stoned people talking, and people they talk to talking.
    d: Being stoned and assuming any adult authority figure would be oblivious to the signs.
    ...which is yeah, the things I'd say would catch people out when they think it's a good idea to take weed to school.
  2. Dude I had cameras all over my school an that was like 10 years ago. I know all 4 high schools in my town had them as well an This is poor broke California to
  3. Maybe it's because I didn't start smoking till after high school and when I was on my own but I don't understand why kids smoke in the house when their parents are home or places like school. It just seems mind numbingly stupid to put yourself in a situation with high risk of being caught. :shrug:

  4. i'm going to a normal school with camera's and it's not like i was ever busted. it's not like your smoking in the hallways of school. or that you take randomly take your bag of weed out. we always did weed deals in the bathroom (very private place = perfect for dealing) and when I went to smoke I just went to the forrest behind my school (5 min. walk).

    and aslong your supervisors/deans/teachers don't suspect you of doing something illigal and they're very sure of it, you won't be searched. Even teacherd have better things to do.
  5. hahaha my school couldnt put in cameras cause we would just break em. They tried putting a "camera" on our bus. which didnt do shit, cause we didnt care. one day i walked on the bus and decided to punch it, the box opened up and there was just a sponge sitting there. It was a fake fucking camera ahahaha
  6. Oh, look at that, another little kid that wants to look cool and hardcore by bringing DRUGS to school (REAL DRUGS) to show all the other kids.

    Fuckin' lame.
  7. I smoke everyday before school, sometimes if I forget my cologne I get scared cause I smell like straight cannabis, but I've never been caught. One time I took my 250 dollar bong in school in my bookbag once because I forgot it was in there and it smelt SO bad, but I got away with it. So no need to worry, my teachers never think I'm high in class, youu goood.
  8. 'cos everyone looks a little high in the short bus class.
  9. [quote name='"olylongbord11"']

    You dont think theyre gonna chase you? You dont think they will be able to identify you? Are you fucking stupid?[/quote]

    No dude that is actually a good idea. Fuck the man if they want to search. Run your ass off when you're clear stash your shit. Then let them find you. When they asked why you ram say you always wanted to do that. Just don't admit to having weed and if they don't find it you're good.
  10. bring it but just dont act sketchy. i smoked almost everyday at lunch for all 4 years of highschool and was never caught. i always straight up reeked and had bud and a lighter on me.
    after sophomore year i got my car and just kept all my shit in there and didn't have to worry about shit.
    its not smart to do and could potentially ruin your future just cause you couldnt wait till after school, but your prolly gonna do it anyway so just be smart about it man.
  11. I know someone who did that, kept the weed in their car to smoke before school and lunch, he eventually got caught because of something stupid he did(cant remember). The cops ended up searching his car for some reason and found the bud.
    He got in a lot of trouble, took him like $900 in lawyer shit to be over with it all
    Not worth the trouble..

    IT was all compounded by having a stash AT SCHOOL
  12. dont fucking run. they will probaly slap you with a posession charge anyway, plus many more and either suspended or expelled. Not to mention when they catch you they will proceed to beAt your ass
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    OP is gay.

    Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
  14. Bud and school DO NOT mix dude. If anything put your shit in a water proof container and keep it real close to your genitals (inner upper thigh or crotch). A cheap Ipod arm strap should be more comfortable than duct tape. Again, bud and school don't mix well.
  15. I think a good rule of thumb is that just basically assume that most of your constitutational rights are out the window whenever you enter any school campus.
  16. Dude simple solution put your joints in an empty marker? [take inside out, place joint in place of marker filling.] No one will know because there just markers=D

  17. :eek:
  18. Don't do it, man. I'm a college student at a pretty weed-friendly school. I only smoke when I'm done with class and homework for the day. You should be more focused on getting good grades on your transcript than getting THC in your system.
  19. If you're gonna have weed at school, KEEP IT IN YOUR POCKET. My school has drug dogs go through the lockers randomly every month. They don't go through the classrooms though.
  20. Yeah I hid a bag in my locker once and it reeked so bad I would not do that again. ahaha

    When I was going to school I told myself I wouldn't smoke but I ended up doing it anyway and blazing joints and shit all the time. Just have to keep that shit on the DL.

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