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  1. I'm going to a concert tomorrow at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids MI which has an outside amphitheater so I assumed blowing a few jays would be no problem. But now I just found out that the venue has a strict no smoking policy (cigarettes, needless to say weed). Has it anybody been there? Planning on just bringing with and scoping out the situation but just thought I would check if anybody has been there.
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    Never been there but at the ampitheatre around us this is what we do. Get blazed heavy in the car before the show, stash it in your junk, smoke 1 discreetly while walking to the venue. This way you are feeling good going in. Down a beer or 2 if available and just get a feel of the crowd and the situation before sparking up. If you can't pull off the smoke during the show at least you started off right.
  3. I smoke at concerts all the time.

    In IL all public indoor places have a nosmoking policy. before they put that in effect it used to be easier to smoke at concerts. I still do, just trickier.

    You're at an outside concert. most likely you'll be completely fine. when it's outside like that it'll be hard to monitor you.

    In inside places I often just smoke up in the crowd or in my seat, or I go to the bathroom and slip the bathroom attendant a few bucks to smoke up.

    If you don't feel like you can smoke out in public, smoke before, then go to a portapotty or bathroom and smoke up in there.
  4. never have a try.

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