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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Greenwall, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. good friend of mine has lacerations on some parts of his body because he was badly cut by glass

    he's on a doctor-prescribed antibiotic pills
    he's telling me this - "the pain ain't too bad, but it's constant and it's annoying as fuck. kinda hard to fall asleep"

    he doesn't smoke mj much, he just doesn't have a taste for getting high. I also kind of ruined it by giving him the wrong edible once(i was giving him a 1-doser edible to try, but accidentally gave him a 3-dosed one)

    i recommended he smoke some of my dank blue dream. he said he doesn't want to mix it with his antibiotics, and that he wants to at least wait until he's off them

    what do you guys think? mixing weed/antiobiotics harmful?

    i told him no way, i didn't think it's possible that these two can harm, But I'm not able to explain why. So he has doubts.
  2. cant just pop a few advil?
  3. allergic to ibufopron
  4. aspirin? acetaminophen? not that weed wouldnt work its just probably not going to be as effective as actual OTC painkillers for what you describe
  5. i'll recommend them to him but I doubt he doesn't already know about them...
    actually now that i realize it I have no idea why he hasn't tried non-ibuprofen painkillers

    must be some reason, he's been at home all day on his computer(immobilized in some casts so that he doesn't rip apart the stitches lol) and the first thing he'd probably do is look shit like this up

    what do you think about mixing weed with these prescription antibiotics? I can't think of any reason why combining them would not work

    when he told me of what happened to him, i first laughed since he got the cuts by running through a storm door on accident, but then i realized weed might help him a bit, give him some happiness since he's depressed he's basically anchored at home now, help him relieve a little pain, and i know weed can make you sleep like no other
  6. i dont see why combining them would cause any problems. weed definitely sounds like part of the solution here, especially for getting to sleep, but i would definitely mix it with some actual painkillers.
  7. okay, thanks for the help mate.

    I'll talk to him about other otcs like aspirin in the morning

    stay cool:cool:
  8. This should put your friends mind a ease about using Cannabis and an Antibiotic.

    Cannabis Drug Interactions -

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