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Weed and Tobacco Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GanjaGoodMan, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. 'sup blades!
    So, I'm a pretty active smoker, a daily one, if I have the weed. And before that i used to smoke cigs, and I was pretty active there too... Ashamed of course, since I quit them when I found my true love, Mary J.
    I think cigs are shit, but I still smoke them when I'm drunk at parties and stuff, i mean who doesn't?
    But today my bro came back from the states and brought me some Drum Halfzware rolling tobacco... I thought I had pretty strong lungs, but man, is that shit strong. It took some work to get it down, and then it left a dirty, raspy taste on my throat that I can only take off with mouth wash. It also gave me a bit of nausea (not much), and a surprising, relaxing buzz.
    I NEVER feel like this with weed, but with cigs i do, only at a MUCH lower level than this rolling tobacco.
    My question is, why is this shit so hard to get down and "hurting" my throat like this? Is it possible to have such a thing as weak lungs? But that wouldn't make any sense since i handle weed smoke just fine.. (still cough after big hits, obviously). My only theory is that tobacco smoke is for some reason x100 times stronger than cannabis...
    cheers! :wave:
  2. tobacco = not worth the squeeze
  3. Well, tobacco has a shitload of chemicals in it that weed doesn't.

    I'm sure somewhere in all those chemicals lys why tobacco smoke is so much stronger than weed smoke.
  4. Fuck tobacco man that shits nasty. On that note I can't stay away from cigarillos..god damnn :smoke:

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