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Weed and studying

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aruru, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. So i have finals tomorrow and was wondering if getting high while studying makes your study session better or worse, and if getting high before the exam ill either help me or fuck me over...
  2. Adderall my friend.. Weed sounds like a horrible idea..
  3. depends on you, we can't answer you but generally if you've never done it before don't do it before finals....however what i do is after i study and before i go to bed i take maybe 2 or 3 hits to calm me down and knock me out
  4. Probably won't help you if you have to ask, if you're confident I'm sure you'd be fine but if you are inexperience I'd advise against it.
  5. When I've tried studying while high, I just sit there spaced out staring at a book. However, I find it difficult to study when sober so :p As for blazing before exams, I've done it and had mixed results, so depends whether you want to risk it.
  6. I got a 4.0 one year, when I smoked three times a day, school or not. Really it just depends on you. I was able to do it.
  7. Don't remember where I read this but if you study high you should take the test high as well. This is how I got my bachelors.
  8. Sounds like How High lol :smoking:

    And it treats everyone diferently, you could do absoloutly shit, or somebodys ahses might have been put in the soil of the plant and a ghost might help you through the tests... but some how i doubt that ;)

    I wouldnt advise it... atall really

    I would only advise studying high/sober 50/50 and see how it treats you.

    Maybe 1 or 2 hits a while before test time to chill you out, once relaxed your bound to think more logically than you would being a nervous wreck.
  9. sativa might help, but indicas will just make you stare at the book like a dumbass, lol.
  10. I've only smoked once before taking a test, and that was my spanish final exam. I don't think I've ever concentrated as hard and tried as hard as I did on a test before. I don't remember what grade I got, but I was in the fuckin zone while taking it.
  11. little did you know you only got a 54
  12. I would advise to just stick to being sober especially during finals. Or just take a concerta.
  13. Study high, take the test high.. get a high score.

    + rep to whoever identifies this line
  14. lolol. Yea, it's similar to the line from "How High", "Study high, take the test high, get high scores."-Redman aka "Jamaal"

    Well you learn that in psychology, that's the class I learned it in. if you study high, you should take the test high. It's all about being in the same mindstate you were in. Sp it also makes a difference if you study pissed off, tired, and a bunch of things.

    I think studying high is good, but I don't like to study RIGHT after I blaze. I need to wait like 15 mins to get to like the 2nd stage of being stoned and then I'm good for a while.
  15. I love studying with a nice buzz. No couch locks though.
  16. How High!
    Method Man and Redman (from Wu Tang).
  17. It's from How High. Yay I win!:hello:

    EDIT: Damnit...
  18. Hahah I win.... :hello::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

  19. Yea I've heard that several times before, but I'd say it could work if it is a Sativa high, I doubt an Indica will do much good.
  20. When im stoned i cant even read (when im proper blazed)
    and when im just high, i cant concentrate..

    you may be different, but i wouldn't.

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