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  1. I'm a pretty seasoned toker and have only distant memories of when smoking would make my body tingle or feel pulses through out my entire body. But probably 6 months ago i was smoking with one of my boys and he handed me a painkiller he said was like a stronger Tylenol. I consumed it the traditional way and felt great. Completely relaxed and i started have physical effects like my entire body pulsing. I havn't tried any painkillers since but next week im going home for spring break and want to try it again with a friend, what are some painkillers that work well with weed and arn't too strong/addicting?
  2. Most painkillers can and are VERY addicting. I don't know much about pharms, other than liking to take them, but he probably gave you a lortab. Can you describe the pill?

    Pills that I like:
    Ultram (get um free, i like um)
    Lortab (5, 7.5, 10mg) all good by me
    Oxycontin (very addictive, possibly very dangerous for first time user)
    and I kinda sorta like Oxycodone (Percocets) I just picked up a 10mg perc and a view Valiums.
  3. hydrocodone/lortab/vicodin and percocet are about the only low strength ones I can think of that are actually worth taking.

    Percocet is actually oxycodone but is in 5mg and 10mg doses instead of 15/20/30mg like OC and roxie
  4. From my experience I dont find there's a difference between a 5/500 lortab and a 5/500 vicodin.

    I mean, they're the same right? I think they are.
  5. They all are, that's why I did the // between the 3.
  6. Thanks. Think i'd be cool mixing a black russian (kaluah vodka ice) with a 10mg perc?
  7. i've read that painkillers and heavy drinking don't mix well, how long after taking the painkillers would i be okay to start drinking?
  8. Yeah, someone should answer this. I drank the black russian anyways lol. the oxy hasnt kicked in yet, but im sure it'll be like last night when i did 4 bars, 2 mini bottles of rum, and a couple glasses of black russians.

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    If you aren't feeling too fucked up off the perc, then go for it. Don't drink a lot though, just stick with 1-2 and your liver/stomach will thank me.

    And sfehonda, I've drank half bottles of vodka on roxies, methadone and xanax before.. You can drink while on painkillers, but I don't recommend it until you get more of a tolerance for them or else you can easily have a problem.
  10. When I do killers, I usually take about 30 MG of hydrocodone. Which is 4 lortabs, or 6 vicodin or whatever. If your gonna smoke and you have no tolerance, 20 MG might be fine but... ehh just go all out dude, it's really great.

    And yes, they are incredibly addicting. I'm just finishing up my first bottle of Lortabs and I can feel the addiction, plus i get really irritable when i'm not on them.
  11. I've smoked a blunt on a morphine 15 and it was an amazing body experience: for me. Started losing touch with parts of my body, foot felt like a bag of water hanging off my leg, weird stuff. Mixed alcohol with percs 5s + vic ?s with no problems. If you're gonna do it, personally know how addicted you get to things, and remember if you don't get anything out of it right away, go up in SMALL DOSES.
  12. To the OP, it may actually have been a Tylenol 3 that your friend gave you, since he said it was a stronger Tylenol. 3s just have Codeine in them.

    For your first recreational uses I'd suggest, like others, something like Vicodin or Percocet, as they aren't too strong and come in smaller doses. Then if you like them you can build up to OC/Roxis or other stronger painkillers. But start slow cause I've seen people get dope sick from doing too much, even when they have experience and are big enough to handle the dose.
  13. Yeahh, sounds like you took a Tylenol 3. I've never tried them, but I've had friends who take them all the time.

    IMO, I would pop a Lortab or two. Percocet is probably another good choice, but not my favorite. I get motion sickness easily, and it hits me harder when I'm high, so I try to make sure I have some promethazine pills (or some OTC motion sickness pills) to help keep everything down.

    Have fun and be safe!
  14. Promethazine potentates opiates so OP, don't take promethazine if you aren't used to opiates.

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