Weed and Money

Discussion in 'General' started by harrypotter6, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Any1 ever think about all the money you would have if u didnt spend it on weed ?
  2. no but i do think about all the money i would save if i rode a bike everyday instead of driving like a lazy ass.
  3. A lot. Have you ever thought about how your life would be without bud? Is it worth it? Hell yes every penny lol
  4. yes this thought has crossed my mind.

    but if you follow a man's money, then you will discover what they really love.
    well i love marijuana so i think spending that money is justified.
  5. Ya i thought about it. But i really dont care. I probably made it back already anyways.
  6. I don't care much for material things. All of the money I set aside for cannabis I view as an investment on my health and improving my quality of life.
  7. haha yeah I noticed. like 50$ doesn't seem like that much if I am buying weed but if I am buying like a video game or something then I turn Jewish and am like hell Nah I wouldn't waste my money on that shit while in reality I am just spending money to light it on fire
  8. I have no sentimental value towards money, ment to be earned, ment to be spent. I feel that since having introduced weed into my life, that its not been a wasted one, but if I fixated on money it certainly would be.
  9. Id rather have lots of weed than lots of money.
  10. If I'm spending it on something that makes me happy, then I don't mind.:confused_2:
    Easy come, easy go..

  11. It's more than that; lighting money on fire does not get you high.

    Right? You should have some extra money lying around in case of an emergency, but what the fuck is the point of aimlessly saving your money? You can't use it once you're dead. Also, I'm not the type to leave my future spawn large quantities of cash, they need to learn to make their own money. I'm sure not gonna let them be lazy and sit on their ass for the rest of their life (unless I turn out to be some billionaire who has so much money I wouldn't know what to do with it)..

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