weed and lung bugs

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  1. i was just watching the local news and herd something some people might care about..... a study ( didnt hear by who) was done. it turns out that individuals that smoked at least 20,000 " marijuana joints" in a lifetime didnt seem to have any hightened risk of getting lung cancer..........

    makes you wonder why cigarrettes are legal.
  2. you mean why cigarrettes aren't illegal.
  3. no ciggies for me... nor alchohol except for maybe 2-3 occasional beers if im rollin on some x or some viks or some bars... all weed and few lines every 2-3 weeks
  4. Not really. I don't care if something gives you a 100% chance of contracting cancer. It should still be legal. In my opinion, it should be legal to shoot yourself in the head, swallow a grenade, drink sulfuric acid, whatever.

    "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." - Ronald Reagan
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  5. 20 000 joints...
  6. Is that 20,000 thin half gram joints or fat 3 gram cones
  7. Well, lets say 1 gram joints... Thats 20,000 1 gram joints... Or 44.0924524 pounds of weed. Or otherwords, three joints a day every day.

    Plus 18 years, 7 days 3 hours 5 minutes 8.801021807041340577209346022834e-9 seconds.

  8. The reason ciggerettes are legal is because tobacco was a cash crop for america and has been since america was found as a country, so pretty much its just a way for the goverment to make more money. And yes i know the goverment could make a killing off legalizing marijuana and taxing it, they would be so rich.
  9. ^ so why wont dey do it if they can get rich..
  10. they are making more money by contracts for building prisions and using our hard earned tax dollors to create bigger police forces .they are on a powertrip.
    they want to sell you petrochemical products.
    if weed was legal then hemp would be to.
    i blame the textile industry,oil companies,and pharmacutical manufactures.

    if you really want to know,read the emperor wears no clothes.
  11. /\ hemp is legal (But if a cop saw u smokin it would he do something or beat u up for beging retarted)
  12. I'd beat you if you smoked industrial hemp. Most Cannabis strains used for hemp production contain around .01% THC, and have a high canabinoid level. Canabinoids kill the high.
  13. Pharmacutical companies are suppose to be holding this decrim/legalization shit up. They can't synchesize it very well.:D :smoking:

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