Weed and Lortab - first experience

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Spliffin Bowls, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. So i'm not the painkiller type but my filling fell out of my tooth last night, exposing a nerve. Went to la dentista, who informed me I needed to go to some special type of dentist for a deep root canal on the tooth (last one in my mouth) then report back to him for a crown. joy of joys. i told him i was in epic pain and just needed "something stronger than motrin". I had always been advised not to appear as a druggie when wanting something, so I assumed he'd write me something simple like skelaxin or something.

    He gave me 21 lori 7.5's.

    So, being a light weight, I took one on an empty stomach and ate something while waiting for it to kick in. Pain was gone 30 minutes later, I had a nice buzz. Smoked a bowl, buzz intensified. I realized at this point i'm getting high.

    I've got 18 left, I don't remember taking the other 2. :) Smoked through a lot more weed than usual, am really enjoying the buzz but most importantly no pain. My knees bug me when I lay down, and I feel kind of antsy but all is well in my world.

    Happy to report my first real mixing experience with the natural green and pharmaceuticals has been a great success. I think i'll take one more and call it a night. They've got to get me through Tuesday, hopefully 17 will do it. :wave:
  2. Worrd, what i would do with that there hydrocodone is just take as minimal as needed until you dont need it for pain anymore, then you can induldge in them properly. Without you having to save them for your searing pain.
  3. I like that idea. I think i'm gonna just take motrin for the rest of the week and sit on these babies.

    Experience update: (note, i'm kind of turning this into my own log for now since i happen to have gc up and am unable to navigate to microsoft word haha) forgetfulness is present now. am unable to remember whether or not i smoked a bowl, usually i realize i did smoke as i'm smoking another. having to constantly track pills because im trying to make sure i dont take anymore..not sure if there is acetemetaphin in this batch or not so im trying not to die. i dont know where all these pizza boxes came from, but im hungry. :eek:

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