Weed and Depression

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  1. I woke up today at 9:30 and I just could not get out of bed. I wasn't tired or sick, I just couldn't bring myself to get up and face the world for another day. So, I figured I'd smoke my depression away. I've been chiefing on the vape since 12...so 3 hours 15 minutes now. Albeit I'm super fucked up, I'm even more depressed. I feel like my world keeps getting smaller and smaller (people wise) and pretty soon its just gonna be me. Also, why do I feel like I need to be in a relationship to be happy. Does anyone else feel that way? Does weed make you more depressed? For me it usually doesn't. It doesn't make me happy, it just makes me forget what I was depressed about... but its not working today. :eek: Time to grind up another dub and pack the vape.
  2. Weed's always cured depression for me, except when I think too much after I smoke. Then, it just tends to get worse. Also, it'll ruin the high when I get depressed after smoking.

    I feel the same way about the relationship thing. Well, to be honest, when I'm distracted from things, I'm not sad at all. But when I'm alone at my house, I always feel completely unhappy.
  3. loneliness is pretty common. I spend alot of time alone, but if you worry about it or feel like you want people around, it can make it seem more sad?

  4. Nah man it's the weed you smoke...
    "Indica" is a downer,which in return makes simple task's seem harder it has more
    of a mental Hii

    "Sativa"is an upper more of an relaxing body Hii,Makes things you do seem more
    fun than they really are

    Try to enjoy a nice Sativa strain for Wake n Bake,Hoped this Helped:wave:
  5. I hate loneliness but it loves me

    Marijuana might be able to temporarily alleviate symptoms of depression
    But if you want it to truly stop, thats something only YOU can do

    Remember its all in your mind. You have to tell yourelf that your stronger than this pathetic emotion you feel and get over yourself.
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    I've been struggling with depression for almost a year now. I've been fine for the past four or five months. Just starting this week (Friday was my birthday;worst birthday ever) I've been feeling as bad or worse than last year. That's how I got myself to feel better w/o using Lexapro...telling myself it was just an emotion and I needed to get over myself. It feels like a wave that and the tide keeps getting higher and I'm slowly disappearing into nothingness.

    Some background, I was taking Lexparo for a few months last year, weaned off of it over 2months, been clean on that for almost 6 months now, and I've been fine.

    I might need to go refill my prescription; I think I have a couple left.

    @ man on the moon

    Only been smoking some $120/q (Crazy, I know) Kush all week loll
  7. I don't even feel like doing anything. Seriously, I'm sick of everything.

    I feel the same way, OP. I'm just... fucked, I guess... by some people's standards. I don't know how to act, what to say when... it bothers me.
  8. I think there is actually a reason for this trend. Weed is a thinking man's drug. (or woman's, sorry ladies) The more someone thinks the more they are likely to realize how shitty the world is.
    I've been hot and cold about weed on this subject. Most of the time it doesn't help for Depression, and I generally try to avoid self-medicating with it. However sometimes if I can hole up in my room, clean everything in site, listen to appropriate music, read a positive toned book, and just chill I can change my state of mind entirely when high.
    To each his own. I wish you all the best man, cause I know how bad these days can be.
  9. yeah i know how you feel,but when i been smoking for a long time and i seem to be like you,just want to curl up in bed and hope for the day to end.But then i remeber how i used to be happy all the time,before i smoked.so i just don't smoke the next day.i think the chemicals in your brain start to return to normal and feel like a normal,joyful,person again.And it's like what that guy said,it's a thinking drug.not being on weed,you think alot less,well less deep about things.Try walking around outside and get some sunlight,i heard it's a natural antidepressant:)
  10. Yea I usually try and get up and do something if I feel it coming on.

    the natural sunlight is VERY helpful.
  11. Stop smoking maybe? Weed isn't helping the problem at all, the solution lies else where. Take a break. I've also noticed that weed (and psychedelics in general) can cause severe dysphoria when taken in the wrong mindset.

    I get lonely a lot of times too, especially in these past few weeks ever since my phone was cut off and I have no other contact with my friends. I was pretty depressed for the longest but Ive also been sober for almost a month (25 days); I also havent spoked to any of my friends since then.

    I kept my head up and my life took a complete 180 degree turn, I got a job two weeks ago, I get my first paycheck tomorrow, I'm getting my mom's second car registered and she's gonna give it to me, I'm also going to buy a new phone tomorrow which means I wont be sober for much longer.

    The check after that, I will get a 360 and my membership renewed to the Y so I can hoop again (probably my greatest passion, basketball).

    What Im trying to get at is, you have to fight this mental disease and keep on moving. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life; nothing else before then matters. Stay positive, work towards your goals and take control of your life; you will feel better when things began going your way. Trust me. I know depression hurts, but it wont stop hurting until you decide to combat it.

    Then find what you really enjoy doing in life. Don't say nothing because that's just the depression talking; you've been happy before in your life, you just have to find that feeling again.

    Best of luck and peace be with you.

  12. nature always cures my depression , including marijuana!

  13. go for a walk, agree with sunlight it helps believe, if you feel like it may not be helping cut down a bit
  14. I would socialize more since being alone is bringing you down invite your friends for a toke, go to a cafe, hit up a night club, try joining a gym not only will you work out but you can make new friends there too so you'll have a slammin' bod and a new click
  15. Friend,

    You are probably experience some form of depresion. That is common. The average adult will have a significant depressive period in their life. Sometimes a combination of circumstances and brain chemical changes (our hormones are always going through various cycles) just makes people depressed.

    I would recommend these steps:

    1) Chat with a therapist. Don't lie about smoking weed. They really don't care about that and aren't going to judge you (though they may advise cutting back or somesuch).
    2) Switch to sativa and cut back on the greenery overall
    3) Cut out transfats
    4) Exercise a bit every day. It doesn't need to be much, a gentle swim or a 20 or 30 minute brisk walk is sufficient. Obv. make sure you're getting enough sunlight
    5) Cut out caffeine and chocolate
    6) Set clear goals

    Hope that helps bro. Seriously though, don't be afraid to sit down with a therapist. It makes a huge difference in many people's lives.
  16. I just found this thread from September 2009. I'm blazed and feel like writing lol

    That period in September 09 was one of the worst in my life. Then I met this amazing girl. I fell in love almost instantly. We dated from october 09 up until may 1 this year. I was happy, really truly happy. And it was great.

    May 1 I find out she's been cheating on me for 10 months. I guess I really knew all along I just chose to believe her lies. Tried to forgive...that's easy...trusting again is impossible. So we broke up.

    Here I am almost 2 years later...I have all this insight and knowledge I didn't have in September 09. I understand how bitches minds work now. I could care less if the girl I'm gonna bring home tonight even knows my name. I have a great job and am making a shit ton of cash. That's great and all.
    .but once it comes time for a real date I flake. I stood up 3 girls this month. Cold feet for a dinner date...believe that?

    My ex fucked with my head in a whole new way....now instead of craving a relationship, I can't even get near one. The closest I get is drunk college aged semi anonymous sex.

    I think its the process of letting someone get to know who you really are scares me. Ive told my ex things about my past and childhood that I will never tell another soul. And it got thrown in my face. I can't get close.

    Sorry for a long post...just tokin and reflecting.

    Its funny 2 years of my life are gone. And I'm still depressed. For totally different reasons but its just as bad.

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