Weed And Beer

Discussion in 'General' started by metaldude94, May 25, 2013.

  1. Is it the perfect combination? You decide.

  2. Yes, yes it is
  3. There's a thin line between good and bad, when you balance them well it's amazing. When you go over then line it's terrible.
  4. It is, but more weed than beer 
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    Nothing beats sitting on a porch and passing a blunt while sipping on a cold one :smoke:
  6. Alcohol + weed is either a "good" combo, or a god awful combo. Luck of the draw.
  7. Nah.maybe if weed would offset getting "the spins" from alcohol, but it doesn't.
  8. im used to drinking, but not as much smoking, but i find that when i do smoke, and go out, i usually get really high and sometimes quiet and lost in my thoughts, but a beer fixes that right away and im a lot more vocal. i only treaded at 2 beers tho, so i can't really say a lot
  9. If you're not careful it can be deadly. It's easier to green out when your hammered I have found. But the more you expose yourself to the combination the more you can mix the two.
    Personally, I love going to the bar/a party and getting hammered, coming home, smoking and passing out.
  10. yes it makes my face feel good
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    One of the best combos there is! Doing just that right now. Hahaha
  12. Weed and pussy

    Not much of an alcahol drinker :p but to each his own
  13. I remember reading a scientific article stating the danger of mixing the two if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Since weed supresses the gag reflex if your body needs to purge the alcohol in your stomach but cannot do to the weed you can possibly suffer from alcohol poisoning.
  14. I can mix that with other substances and keep partyin haha.
  15. this. sitting on the front porch passing forties and blunts. makes me feel like I'm on Kendrick Lamar's album lol
  16. Debatably nothing better than a fresh bowl and a cold beer. Debatably. Definitely a fucking great combination, no doubt about that. 
    Depends largely on the brew and the strain, I ain't about dat Natty+schwagg shit yo
    Coors and some dank though, now we are talking.
  17. I dunno man. You might be right.
    Personally. Weeds never stopped me from blowing chunks on a hard night of partying. 
  18. few weeks ago i put the combo together and threw up everywere, but I did it again last night and it mixed pretty well

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