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weed and anxiety plz answer city

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by buddie1235, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. ive been suffering from bad anxiety and had my first 2 panic attakcs this past month my question is.. would weed help me relax if i smoke a joint 1-2 times a week before bed to mayb relax myself? or would weed make my anxiety worse and since i had had panic attacks would weed make me have one..i dont want to start smoking enless it helps me i dont want to get any worse ?? plz answer
  2. well, im no doctor. but,

    marijuana does help you relax, mind and body.

    i think it would help but hey man like i said im no doctor. perhaps you should talk to one about smoking and your condition?
  3. Everyone is different.

    I'm not sure how the whole panic attack thing works but my mom had one once, it was either because her heart was beating too fast or too slow... Don't remember

    But if panic attacks come from heart beat that is too slow then i'd ask a profession first, as marijuana depresses the respiratory system.

    If panic attacks just come from stress and anxiety alone marijuana has potential to help though.
  4. i truely dont noy i had the panic attacks but i do worry alot and i thought the MJ could just help out id only use small amounts and smoke slowly so i dont get baked
  5. When i was younger i had terrible anxiety when driving, now i'm the chillest, most relaxed driver on road.
  6. Ehh, its worth a try i guess.

    The only reason i say that is because my sister (19) had a REALLY bad attack after complaining that her heart beated fast after vaping. She ended up narc'n on me, and told my mom EVERYTHING. She was pissed.

    But on the other hand, i know some people have it prescribed for it.
  7. Smoke an indica strain and you'll be good.... sativa will probably make your anxiety worse
  8. It all depends on you. I have extreme anxiety problems, and have panic attacks to the point where I'm immobile on the ground at times, but weed has never caused me to go into any sort of attack. It usually keeps me pretty calm, and just laugh at shit that would stress me out, or atleast keep me from getting nearly as angry, which is what leads me to my anxiety.

    Hopefully you don't have the kind of paranoid anxiety though..
  9. my first attack felt like i was paralyzed lol....the weed i would get probly would be middies though not indica cause the people i no just say its good or its i would no if its a indica or stavia strain.. and if im a little high and my heart beats fast hopefully ill just laugh at it not getted paraniod and have an attack hmmm i guess its worth a try
  10. Doubt it, I think you're exaggerating the difference between the two species a bit much.

    Like it's been said, marijuana effect everyone differently, so there's no telling for sure. But I can say personally it helps me relax a ton.
  11. Im pretty sure that marujuana makes me more anxious.
    It raises the heart rate and i know it makes me more paradoid too.

    If your looking for anxiety relief, just go get perscribes xanax.
    I know marijuana is a lot more fun to use, but thers no sence in smoking and going right to bed.
    Bud probably will help with your problem but i'd just go get the perscription.
  12. They don't hand Xanax out like candy..that's a very hard prescription to get anymore, usually you have to have a long term relationship with a doctor who is aware of your anxiety.

    If anything, you'll get yourself a subscription to valium, starting off at 5mg. It will be nice to calm you down, and smoking pot with it is also very nice.

    However, if you know some doctor who will swing you a prescription for Xanax that would be the way to go.
  13. i could get xanax i just dont want anxiety makes me worry bad about side effects of perscribed medicine and there alot of bad side effects to xananx and other similar ones thats y i thought weed cause i truely know if i smoke a controlled amount it wont kill me or make me have a sezuire etc...
    and if im smoking i no ym hearrt will go up so i wont worry bout it im not going straight ot bed ethier i mean im going to sit up and watch tv for bout an hour or so...
  14. Dude, you're seriously looking too deep into it.

    Smoke, get high.
    Don't smoke, don't get high.
    Take scrips, calm down.
    Don't take scrips, don't calm down.
  15. just want to make sure sorry ill try the MJ then one night if it works it works if not it doesnt :p
  16. I'd say yes, it does help. Usually, i worry about shit in my head and what not about random BS that doesn't even matter, but when I puff it's like real time, just me lving life.

    only bad thing is the paranoia. you will bug out if you let it get to you. Still not that bad, just got to realize that if bad shit happens, worrying about it does nothing except make it worse.
  17. k thanks guys i guess if i just watch how much i smoke and smoke slowly i wont get paraniod :) thanks again
  18. yeah itll help i have anxiety problems but ive never had an attack, you wont need to smoke an entire joint though, just a bowl or a few geebers is all you need.
  19. Go talk to a doctor dude...
  20. When i have panic attacks they are when im high, in total ive had 3 and its been because i took a t-break smoked, and tripped out and had a panic attack, but one time i was able to control it, it was kinda like i sensed it was coming and i just relaxed my whole body and mind and it didnt happen, wierd shit, but im just saying be careful toking after a t-break.

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