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Weed and a Job

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by newbstoner, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I just applied for my very first job at AMC Theatres here in my town. After applying and reading the terms, I got to thinking. They can drug test at any time, and I could get fired.

    I'm new to smoking, only been doing it for a couple of weeks, so it's no problem to drop the stuff. Is it worth it to drop, or would it be safe to keep smoking and have my job.

    I don't want to get caught and lose my job because of it... Does AMC even do drug tests?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. This is why marijuana can be a problem sometimes. Because it is mostly illegal you have to prioritise it versus other important things. Personally, I am looking for a job which doesn't drug test which allows to me to have best of both worlds.

    Sorry I can't help with the question about AMC doing tests, but good luck!

    -Happy Toking
    ~Maxi :smoking:
  3. I've heard AMC doesn't test....don't quote me though.
  4. Lol if its the movie theatre theyll probably drug test you once and be done with it after all unless your a manager all your going to be doing is cleaning up / loading movies / or serving shit to people. there not gonna keep wasting money on test

    Edit: The drug test is mostly to check for crack, cocaine, aka hard drugs not really weed, but yeah just dont toke till you get the job for now
  5. Most jobs have a drug test when you apply and some even test after you have gotten the job, but unless it's explicitly stated in the terms that you will get drug tested frequently I don't think your boss will one day say "Surprise! I need you to piss in this cup for me!"

    I'm pretty sure if a job were to drug test frequently/randomly they would have to tell you.

  6. I've read the same thing, but in the terms it said I agreed to let they could always ask... I think I'll just lay off it for a little bit, and if I do get the job just see how it goes.

    Makes sense, I'll just have to see how it goes...if they end up not testing, then hell yeah!
  7. Hey, nice to see a new Grasscity reader. To answer your question, the majority of jobs, especially jobs like fast food, movie theaters, etc. will do one of two things regarding drug tests. Either they'll test you once during the initiation or interview process, or they won't test you at all.

    After you have the job, you likely won't be drug tested unless you or someone else is injured on the job or another similar accident. Entry level/teenager jobs will rarely if ever conduct random drug tests.

    Tl;dr: You should be fine, you can either drop the weed until you have the job or you can quit on the off chance you are drug tested for the position.

    Happy toking!
  8. No they wont test I work at the movies.
  9. haha please, the only work they drug test you for is shit that puts lives at risk.

    And even if they do, I doubt they care if you smoke dope. Unless you live in some religious nut town in texas or some other shitty American place
  10. If thet drug test or not you are never going to be supervised while taking the test for a job so just keep smoking and have someone substitute the piss and your good.
  11. #11 F. Fontaine, Mar 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2012
    Don't listen to this guy. Don't take anyone else's word that they have clean urine. Practice restraint and be clean for the test.

    In addition to what others have said here, drug tests take time and money: two things smart companies don't like to waste. A company would rather save you their time and yours, especially when yours could be put into labor for them. I'm not saying its not possible, it's just highly unlikely.

    They will drug test you before the job. Afterwards, just make sure you don't get into a workplace accident.

    Many companies that are "legit" such as corporate businesses and casinos do subject their employees to random drug testing.
  12. Take your priorities into account here. It NEVER looks good to be fired from a job because of drug use. You may have to explain to future employers why you were fired from your job. I work administration for a small chain of restaurants, and the company I work for will only drug test if they see a problem or have a reason to drug test. (for example, if people are coming in to work looking high, being late, unproductive, etc.) Companies will usually announce tests in advance (in my experience). So what I'm trying to say is, what is more important to you? Running the risk of losing your job and enjoying some MJ, or staying clean and having a job?
  13. Thanks for all the replies, it's really helpful. I think I'm just going to lay off a little until I know whether or not I'm getting the job. Then if they do drug test me at the beginning, then I'll be good.

    I never planned on going to work high, luckily for me it takes a lot to get me there (high tolerance, I don't know from what. Mom must have beena big stoner when I was in her ;) )
  14. I say work there for 6-9 months and save about 2 thousand an get a good t break.

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