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Weed, An Alien Viewpoint

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Boojeah, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Good afternoon fellow tokers, I had some thoughts id like to share from a high i had the other day.

    Imagine yourself as an alien, a different species from a different planet. You come to our planet, Earth. You know nothing of the human race, they are like any other animal to you, you cant communicate to them, you can only observe them. Everyone and everything is foreign to you.

    This was how I felt as I was biking through the suburbs the other day after smoking a few bowls, I was looking at all the houses that are all the same and it got me to thinking. What really is the human race? I felt like i had an alien viewpoint on humans. I thought about everything from the music today, to the government. I guess i just realized how fucked, corrupt and blind people are becoming.

    The youth is influenced by computer modified voices repeating messages of sex, drugs, how important material possession/money is and the importance of being good looking. The government has a hidden agenda when it comes to things like health care, money, war and religion and the general public is too involved with things like TV/movie entertainment and material possession to realize it. The government is slowly taking away our freedom and no one even knows it. Less and less is being spent on education, we cant have a nation that can think for themselves. Entertainment is just a distraction from whats really happening, from what they really have planned.

    Now, some of this could be influenced by my watching Zeitgeist which is an amazing film that everyone should see. Anyway these are my thoughts. What are your opinions and what not?
  2. in russia, bicycle rides you.
  3. i agree with u, there are so many dumb blind people in america that need to wake up and see how fucked up it really is, i geuss weed gives u that kind of mindset to be able to look at it. like how usa brainwashed everyone to think of a dirty arab guy in a cave with an AK 47 when they say terrorist, were the real terrorist invading and fukin shit up!
  4. Heh, the way i see it is, whoever controls the media, controls the country
  5. I realized that a while ago.
    Pot helps.
  6. most of the people who smoke weed feel the same way we do. doing something ur not "supposed" to do makes you think twice about the things youre expected to do
  7. Yeah man, It's weird when shit like that happens. Pot really brings us into a different view of the world sometimes
  8. Ah a stoner forum. Ive come to expect this.

    Take another idea. Maybe pot has made you overly paranoid, and you are creating false demons due to this and only this, while people who do not smoke pot see things more clearly, and are not clouded, thus making sound decisions based on logic rather than fear and emotion.

    Good day to you all.
  9. Hmm our world has always been fucked up and corrupt, just work hard and enjoy ur freedom from the world by lighting up once a day. Thats the way i see it, u gotta work and be like everyone else during the day, but once ur free to do waht u want, then do what u want, and if u want to do what everyone else does, then feel free to, if u wna complain about all the corruption and conformism then do that as well. Ill keep doing what i do tho, smoke weed then dont give a fuck.
  10. Sartre wrote an entire book on this titled "Nausea" (well, kinda about this for the most part). I think people do some bizarre and interesting things sometimes to say the least. But I think that that's ok because it's there life, and while it IS very bizarre, I sympathize with them, because it's just a way to cope with life, like weed is for some people. The tough part isn't to find ways to cope, it's to embrace it, and find ways NOT to cope....... I think, maybe.
  11. Haha. Nice.

    By the way, that Zeitgeist movie is crap. Their evidence is highly suspect.

    And no, 9/11 was not an inside job:
  12. lmao thats great but its In Soviet Russia, bicycle rides you.
    i jus blazed and that seemed really hilarious
  13. A lot of what Boojeah said resonates true when this is considered logically as well.

    I do agree with you though. A lot of the classic stoner's ideas are based on paranoia and feelings rather than logic.

    But not in this case. I don't believe there's some hidden overall conspiracy, but a lot of it is true regardless.

    Peace :smoke:
  14. more like who controls the gold controls the power... Federal Reserve system is a privatized network of foriegn banks across Europe. So ideally the president is nothing but a puppet to suit the needs of a few elite
  15. yeah i've been thinking that. people generally are very... i can't describe it, but it's not good. At least not in Western cultures. too much focus on material goods, celebrities' personal lives and general ego inflating shit that doesn't mean anything.

    i wish it would change, but looks like it's going the other way. i guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  16. perhaps we are the blind ones? perhaps there is no them, or us. the point is, people will wake up, so to speak, when they know what is going on. What's going on? nothing is going on. Nothing much. i think calling US troops terrorists is an extreme. It's a war, although Iraq wasn't most justified. Do you think that everyone should pull out of that area all together? Not Afghanistan... Afghanistan was funding all kinds of shit when the Taliban were in power.

    oh, brainwashing and scapegoating are different, by the way. the media is scapegoating, brainwashing is a whole other thing in itself.

  17. sound post all together, but i qouted that part for truth. there are lots of people who like to throw around big mean words around here without really knowing, or stopping to think what they mean or imply
  18. Dude...hell yes.

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