Websites with legit escorts?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by JEI3US, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Planning a bachelor party and would like to hire some hookers I mean escorts.
  2. craigslist
  3. Backpage is loaded with them...I believe some one posted a thread somewhere on these forums about hiring an escort one night lol
  4. its how all the hookers in my hotel get work!

  5. yeah didn't he fuck her, steal his money back and then the pimp came after him or somethign? it was hilarious
  6. be sure to check escort sites which offer some packages.they are many now adays [ame=""]visit this post [/ame]
  7. is your friend.

    Just be careful. Some have pimps whos try to rob and others post fake pics. Use common sense.
  8. If you have any game at all I suggest going to a couple of strip clubs on a slow night and put together your own crew. Plan the party on an off night so lots of girls will be available and wanting to make money. If you do it right this is the best way. What's your budget like?

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