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  1. i just chopped and manicured my purple plant.
    its been drying for a few days now.
    and i noticed on one of the biggest nugs there was a little
    white spiderweb or cobbweb looking thing on just a little piece.
    i brushed it off and it all came off.
    everything else looks fine..
    what is that white shit?
    mold? or do i got spiders ?
  2. sounds like spider mites man...
  3. for real? i was spraying my plants with vegitable and fruit insect killer (the soapy one)
    and when i harvested they were ok till the other day. and i dont see any bugs on my plants or drying buds at all.
    i inspected it hella close and i dont see no bugs??
    weird shit man im tripping.
    this 1st time this happening to me. my friend said his moms whole batch ended up like this.
    she left it in a box and came back a few days later and all her nugs were webbed and white.
  4. Could be mold.If it is lose that nug or lose it all.
  5. it didnt seem moldy like.
    it was just some dry webs that were soft and came off when i rubbed on it.
    i took out the webbed nugs and my rest of the batch seems ok

    is there any techniques on finding mold on bud?
  6. it is definetely spider mite webs.........i had this on my last grow

    mites hide on the under side on the fan leafs....and they are the size of a pin-head.
  7. they are little red dots that run around right? lol
    yea i seen those and i sprayed them with the soapy fruit and vegitable insect killer.
    its supposed to be for spider mites/ white flies / exc....

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