web/sms alert temperature/humidity sensor

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  1. i found a temp sensor that will email and text me when my temps get too high. as far as i am concerned the sixty bucks i spent on this is chump change for the galactic amount of peace of mind i have now.

    the cost was 60 bucks. it sells at many places online for 90+. it took all of ten minutes to plug in and setup online. i am able to tell it min, max or a range of temps to alert me for. how often it updates. when to email and re-send. viewable on anything that has a browser.

    if you want to buy... make sure to buy the one with 'set' in the model number. otherwise all you are buying is another temp sensor.

    Weather Direct TX60U-SET Online Temperature and Humidity Wireless Alert System: Amazon.com: Home & Kitchen

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  2. Nice!

    Add this and you have temp, ph and water level for your hydroponic reservoir.

    They need to make one that does PH, PPM, and water temp. That'd be all I'd need!
  3. that is nice. with the internet alerts to boot. my ph is perfect at all times, but the temp and water level would be kick ass.

    that link is a great addition to this thread. thanx. i am going to look at it more closely tomorrow and probably buy it.

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