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Weaker weed for beginners?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Granica, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I was just wondering if the type of weed you choose and the potency of it should depend on how much your body is used to the substance. For example, I have just started smoking about 2 months ago, and i started with very strong weed, and smoke about 2 bowls every night. Like, what i usually buy is: Herouana, Larry OG, MOG, L.AConfidential. Is that too much for a beginner? Or am i just really high and bullsh#!ing? lol
  2. weed for starters? lol its called brick. find a mexican
  3. nah... there is so much good stuff here, I dont need mexican weed!! Im a fan of quality in everything! Im just wondering if your mind would trip out because of so much THC!!
  4. If you're just starting out, your tolerance is probably as low as it will ever be. You might as well enjoy good bud now, since you won't be able to get the same level of effect once your tolerance builds up. The only downside is that you might not be experienced enough to feel a lot of the subtle differences between strains that make smoking different strains worth doing.
  5. Anything you smoke right now will get you higher than you will ever be again. So enjoy it while you can, and make sure you remember these times, because you'll be reminiscing later.
  6. You should be very happy you have the selection you do in your area. Better weed just means you need to smoke less. Would you really wanna buy mids or schwag and have to smoke an 8th blunt to even get a buzz?

  7. Oh ya! we have great options in dispensaries.

    Well then, sounds like what im doing is what i should be doing!!

    So...Here comes the 2nd bowl! (Herouana, best ive had so far!)
  8. For sure man. Enjoy. This site is a GREAT site to educate yourself.
  9. If I were smoking with a first timer, or beginner, as in only smoked less than 10-20 times, I wouldn't smoke the buds I normally smoke, and I wouldn't smoke the bongs I normally smoke.

    I would get a small dry piece and try to find some mids...I've seen a decent amount of complete noobs or beginners freak out on the diggity dank or on a big piece, or on a mixture of both of them.
  10. If you can get the good stuff easily, just smoke tiny pinches in a bowl. A gram used to last me a whole week as a beginner.

    The cheaper buds are not worth it as far as THC content per dollar. For me at least. Your prices could vary.

    You also get way more tar and feel shittier from smoking too much shwag. I only vaporize shwag during those times when I'm away and can't get dank. Smoking it just kills my lungs and has no effect.
  11. My feeling is, first time, give them a little bit of crappy weed. Get them slightly high, but not too much. Just enough so they know what to expect. Second time, give em a bunch of the best.
  12. well my first time smoking was like 2 years ago and it was crappy Mexican bud, and it gave me a bad high, so i thought that's how weed is!! so i didn't like to smoke... then i moved to Cali and just realized what weed really is... The stuff i used to get didn't even smell! :s then i realized i cant even keep any in my pocket or car anymore (even in a closed container). the scent is so strong that people can smell it In my pocket just passing by! (little exaggeration there!) lol
  13. for your first time would you like to get high for $5 or spend $20?
    regardless you are going to be blazed out of your mind.

    good weed isnt an issue until you start blazing more regularly if you ask me.

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