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  1. Haha! SPDT to the rescue! Hope that info helps, and thanks ccoastal
  2. Hey thank you all so much it is so helpful beig able to ask questions and get answers thank you so much. So ya, my plant did have spots and spider mites when I bought it from the club. It lookes like only a few leaves are infected, but they are starting to have large brown spots and becoming very crunchy with more holes. I was thinking of dipping my plant in a solution of water and neem oil, think that will be effective??
  3. Ya smokey ur the man thanks so much
  4. I believe u can just put the neem oil on it. I have not used it though
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    Haha, no problem! I wish I had the Answer u needed, but at least u have some direction now.
  6. Ya get the neem spray and hit the plant with that it will deter bugs but won't kill any, I take it the dispensary wasn't that good if not for the spotted leaves then for the spidermites, the spots could be from a number of things most notably a manganese deficiency which can be caused by too much magnesium in the soil, again I would recommend folar feeding and regular feeding with miracle gro at a half strength or less
  7. Did the soil in the pics look wet or is that just me? His moisture meter was off the chart. I would let it dry out 3-4 days but I'm sure we are past that now. Getting common to see cuts from clubs here in norcal have mites. You must get into their gro cycles with the defense.. if you can get "Forbid" by bayer this stuff rocks. You have to use it with another like floramite. Spray tops and bottoms of leaves, wait 3-4 days and hit them with the other. Do this with the lights off, prolly won't burn under cfls but take no chances. You may need to keep repeating the cycles to fully destroy them, Don't spray past the first week into flowering -my 02
  8. Tru, iv heard folar feeding can help perk up the leaves, so I will start that on wednesday when I transplant to a bigger pot. I have a bottle of iguana juice that i was waiting to use for when I transplant, could I use that to folar feed?? And what do you mean by this mircle grow feeding?

    These spider mites are really starting to do some damage to my bottom leaves (brown spots and little yellow dots). I dipped in neem oil yesterday, and am going to keep spraying with a neem oil solution I have. The guy at the club said I could bring it in and he'd spray it with some sort of intense pest killer, but Ill save that for last resort. Thank you guys so much for all Your responses, so helpful!!
  9. Ya they just gonna keep breeding and suckin her dry even with neem, if u think its up to it u could try using a vacuum to suck a majority of them off, I just meant a feeding with regular miracle gro at 1/2 strength and folar feeding with a 1/4 strength or so so it doesn't burn ya I would use heavy pesticide as a last resort too but remember even if u kill every last one on the plant there could be more lurking in Ur grow cab, but for a poison I would deff recommend something pyretherin (sp?) based it's from a plant and knocks em out cold, keep on it good things will come
  10. I just don't know:(:( :(:( I hope I wasn't too harsh on her with the neem oils...

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  11. How she lookin today man?
  12. Decent man. Still about the same. I actually put her on the roof this morning to get some fresh sunlight and air. I also bought a new clone yesterday. Fernando vally or something cool. I set her up and put her under the lights in my room. I'm not sure but I think I might leave the other one on the roof, cuz I don't want to put them next to eachother and give my new girl spider mites,
    incase the other one still has themm. I'll take pics wen I get home
  13. Yea good call not exposing the new one to the mites, careful with a plant longterm on the roof tho, they dry out and get really hot really fast and there's nothing more obvious to a chopper than a green bush on a rooftop lol
  14. Am i aloud to grow and plants in my yard or anything. I want it to get outdoor sunlight, will the neighbors call the cops in San Diego??
  15. I dunno lol, I know in Oregon ur plants can't be seen from the street and outside ur crop like before u get to the garden u have to post ur paperwork in plain sight, depends on ur neighbors tho I guess. I built a 1/2 mile long driveway one time for a guy with a riprap retaining wall and irrigation the whole way so he could grow plants all down his driveway
  16. Haha that's legit. Ya I just looked it up and San Diego allows no outdoor growing unless in an enclosed green house. And our neighbors hate us and always are callig the cops because of our jamming, so I don't think I wanna egg them on anymore
  17. So ya I don't wanna just throw out my sick plant, but i dont wanna put him under the lights with my new one. Don't know what to do!

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