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  1. Iv got one plant under 6 cfl's. It's about 6' and look very healthy, however the leaves look weak and seem to just hang There like there dead. WTF!!
  2. 6 inches sorry
  3. A picture would really help, it could be a number of things, also move your lights closer, what's your watering schedule are you using nutrients.
  4. Okay here are some pics. I planted her in mircle gro. And at night that tempature gets to about 90 degrees, and during the day it's 80. How much should I be watering??

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  5. Looks as you have given the girl too much water. Give it no water for 3/4 days and she will perk up. 
  6. what is the temperature in the box and how often do you water?
  7. Nah sorry ^^ to me it looks like to little water, when a plant's over watered the leaves will yellow and droop, the small bit of yellowing in that pic looks like nute burn from planting in miracle grow soil, the symptoms of over watering are yellow droopy leaves they never crust at the tips, they need some water man. Also it may be too hot in there leave a door open when you can, plant's like fresh air.
  8. Ahh shit idk. I was thinking too little water as well. I have this weird meter that mesures moisture, and it says it's really wet. Pic is below. I'm trying to think how much I should water it now??

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  9. Unless your using a type of soil that stores in water, then it looks pretty dry :confused:

    What's your watering schedule ??
  10. Don't really have one. Iv only had it for 2 days, it was a clone I got from the club. I'm gonna water it now
  11. Water when the top 3 inches of the soil are wet.
  12. Alrite watered. A good amount came out of the bottom, hopefully I didn't over do it. When will I see some recovery??
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    you will notice tomorrow(hopefully), be sure to only water when the pot is light and dry, I like to water my plants when the pot feels light and the soil is dry to the first 3 in. once i give her a good drenching I pick the pot up to feel the difference. when the pot's light... water again. cannabis likes periods of dry rather than always wet. keep us posted
  14. Dammmn duuuude idk I changed it's location so it's now at a good 75 degree temp. In the process I broke two lights and and it really pissed me off but it's alrite. The soil is pretty moist, but she still looks like she's shriveling up and shit ahh idk hopefully I can save her.
  15. A blade named Geeenbudguy had a clone that did that and it looks great now. Look him up and ask him about it.
  16. Temp sounds great, and I have broken many lights, thems the breaks kid. Lol
  17. Only time will tell

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