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Weak cannabutter :(-badkitty ect plz help

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by harvey123, Oct 12, 2014.

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    Please help me, im an experienced toker and tried using some kief to make cannabutter, after reading some info online and looking into badkitty i was sure i was onto something good, however somewhere along the line im pretty sure i made a mistake because the cannabutter came out at a reasonable strength, however it doesnt actually give you much high like you would expect, its much more of a pain relief/heavy body feeling which is nice but not what i was after....if you could help it wud be great, heres what i did:

    1. Get organic virgin coconut oil
    2. Decarbed kief WITHOUT grinding for 20 mins at 90 c (was a fan oven), kief tightly wrapped as airtight as possible.
    3. put say 1-2 litres of water in big pot
    4. warmed it up, melted approx 500ml of coconut oil, added approx 45-50g of kief
    5. Kept the pot just below a simmer but i did occasionaly let it get a little hotter, but never to the point of boiling, fast simmer maximum. Stirring every 10 mins, used a stick blender at the start to grind it up. Done this for approx 2.5 hours which i THOUGHT was long enough with decarb
    6. Let cool, put in fridge for 12 hours, seperated oil.

    The kief was chopped a little early (wasnt mine) but i still expected tho get a nice stoned effect from  it, however instead it is couch lock, muscle relaxant, pain relief effect, literally makes your whole body numb, reduces your sense of touch but not much stoned effect, could i of got mainly cbd instead of thc??

    Please help me make the next batch great :)
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    Also, i tried taking it three different ways so far-1 was melted into galaxy milk chocolate, melted into 80% cocoa chocolate, picked for the lower fat content and eating it plain, i noticed that the effect was stronger with the galaxy chocolate which wasnt what i expected, which makes me think that cocoa might have an inhibiting effect on the oil, i tried it about 20 mins ago plain so will see what happens. Dosage is approx 2gs of kief per dose on empty stomach and was smoking a reasonable amount before consuming (i usually smoke every day).
  3. Look into soy lecithin.  Maybe consider this, next time do all your steps but before straining leave everything in and put in fridge for 24 hours, then reheat and strain.
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    I considered soy lechithin however im a health nut and generally avoid ALL soy, organic or not and lecithins as well because they arent too good for you, does it really make that much difference? I would really rather avoid it if possible. That sounds like a great idea with the chilling and reheating part, sounds like it should extract more, thanks so much for your help, its really appreciated :)
  5. The higher fat chocolate worked better because THC is fat soluble. The lower fat chocolate didn't have enough to keep it bioavailable. Cocoa does not have an inhibiting effect, and, in fact, I enjoy a very nice raw cacao edible that is medicated, and I've had lovely experiences, plus the benefits of the cacao!
    The soy lecithin really does make a difference, sorry if that sucks to hear. You really don't need much, but it acts as both an emusifier, and an extra layer of fat for bioavailability. That milk chocolate? Same idea, a little lecithin booster and you can use a lower fat chocolate. 
    or, if you really don't want the soy lecithin, stick with fattier recipes after the fact. 
    Also, the heavy effects may have been an effect of leaving the pot open to heat your oil. Usually, with bks' recipe, she calls for it to be well sealed at every heating. You could be letting some medicine escape, and I think the 2.5 hrs might have been a bit much, especially if it was heated again after into the chocolate. Sounds like you might have gone a little heavy on the CBN? 

    Of course, that will be a matter of what strain you started with too. If it's a heavy indica, then chances are couch lock might be what you get, unless you cut back the dosage. 

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