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  1. Many of these petitions have been made on this website and have gone through time and time again. So many in fact that the White House already responded to them in bulk. You can read it here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/response/what-we-have-say-about-legalizing-marijuana
    This has been brought up many times before - this website doesn't actually cause any changes in the system, it just means a spokesperson from the White House will say something about the issue, that's all.
  2. Enough with these threads.
  3. We live in a representative democracy, not a direct democracy.  If you want marijuana legalized on a federal level, you have to:
    A) Convince Congress to amend a law they've shown no collective interest in changing since implementing it 44 years ago.
    B) Get it approved by the Food and Drug Administration, then the Department of Health and Human Services, then the Drug Enforcement Administration, then the attorney general.
    The "top-down"/federal approach to legalization was, is, and will probably never work.
    The "bottom-up"/state-by-state approach to legalization is already working.  You have to gradually chip away at the foundation until we reach a tipping point where the fedgov is either forced to do something concrete, or at worst does nothing concrete but adopts a consistent, reliable position of tolerance towards cannabis.
  4. I would like to start a petition to have the Government stop taking these petitions and giving people false hope that we will:
    Legalize weed.
    Deport Justin Bieber
    Build an actual Death Star
    Fire that stupid bitch Leonhart
  5. Don't forget impeach O'bummer. Still waiting for my response.
    For what? Openly continuing the policies of his predecessor, who was slightly more secretive about following the policies of his predecessor, who was also following the policies of his predecessor....ETC.......
    The only thing Obama has done is show the American public how lazy and unoriginal the office of POTUS has become. And that is because of the largest problem in our government. Congress. Entrenched elitists on both sides of the aisle who only broker power and wealth without taking a position of leadership where they would eventually be questioned about it. End the two party system, enact term limits, stop corporate lobbying. Then make their pay commensurate with what their job would pay in the private sector. Which is roughly half of what they receive. For those that say higher pay is incentive to not accept bribes....I have a better one. EXECUTION, immediately upon a verdict from the jury. No appeals.
     O'bummer isn't the problem. Party line voters who only elect people whose names they recognize are the problem.
  7. O'bummer care should be an impeachable offense on its own let alone all the other bs he got away with ( NSA spying , Benghazi). He is the biggest bold face liar there is. You would be a fool to belive 1 sentence that comes out of that puppets mouth.
    You are right. A 2 party system is not the answer but is what we have and that will not change because it will ruffle to many feathers if the higher up. Welcome to the social republic of America.
    You're a fool if you believe any of them. Right or left. The worst is people that act like only one side is to blame...and then act like you are stupid because you aren't on their side. I can't wait for the next revolution. While Right fights left...I'm going to sit on the side and cull the population by taking out the most eager from each side.
    As For Obama care....I'm not sure what that is. Is it anything like Romneycare? Same same Sgt.
    Americans are in the middle. Socialists on the left, Communists on the right. Loyalty to a party is neither Patriotism, or loyalty to Nation. as the fringe elements inundate the parties....you will see more intelligent, patriotic people move to the center. America is a melting pot. Those that refuse to blend will fall to the bottom, or float to the edges and stick. Either way, the end is the same for them. They will not survive as part of the whole. And if you don't believe in that, the most basic premise of America...you might want to reevaluate where your loyalties lie. A one sided view puts you in with the fringe. The fact you are a member here tells me you are a Cannabis user. Yet your politics aligns you squarely with the men who started prohibition and have continued it in direct opposition to the will of the people. Come on over to the middle buddy....this is where the water more closely resembles water instead of Kool-Aid!
  9. And what happened to the OP? So many of these threads recently from folks with less than 20 posts. Hmmm.
  10. I bet most of it is spam.
  11. Lotta spam on this site lately...new rule proposal: no linking to .gov petition sites without 1K minimum posts.
    Every faceless fuck with 12 posts comes here with this shit. Don't fall for the government honey pot trap.
  12. I hate picketing but I dont know how to show it...

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