We love eachother ... But theres a problem.. Help??

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  1. Okay so first off my girl is 18 and she loves me and i love her too But theres a problem. Before i

    started talking to her i "dated'' her sister but it was a bullshit relationship that didn't work out

    and lasted literally a week . (i know it sounds shady of me and her dating seeing that shes her

    sister) but we can't help the feelings and all.

    Anyways, her mom threatend that if she doesn't stop seeing me she's going to kick her out of

    the house. My girlfriend told her mom straight up that she not going to stop seeing or talking to

    no matter what. I dont know what to do to make this shit work so my girl won't get kicked out or

    have to deal wit the bullshit over me. What do you guys think I or WE should do?

    Thanks GC
  2. pretend youre not talking or seeing eachother
  3. We are trying that bt its kind of hard her mom is the type thats going to check cell phone texts

    and calls so i dont know. This shit is complicated. :(
  4. 1. Stop seeing her, until she moves out.
    2. Let her move in with you.
    3. Keep horsing around on the dowlow even if it's hard AF
    4. Have a talk with her mom, have your parents talk to her mom or something.

    There really aren't many solutions. Good luck :/
  5. Fuck.

    Shit was damn near perfect till her mom decided to be a bitch about it.

    Even her sister said if we're happy together she wants us to be happy together

    So I just don't see the problem. :mad:
  6. This girl is 18 and her mom is looking through her texts and telling her who she can and can't date. That's some bullshit right there.
  7. Yeah it is but she's pulling it off as "either i go through your shit and you don't talk to him or

    you're on your fucking own" type shit.


    for a fucking week. And the sister "fell in love" with in that week some how. idk this whole thing is

    pretty stupid.

  8. That's still ridiculous. I say call the bluff. What kind of mother would seriously throw their kid out for dating someone they don't approve of. What the fuck kind of parent would she be?

  9. In all honesty , her mom is a bitch. And she knows this. I just don't want to be the reason she

    gets kicked out you feel me?

  10. Holy crap problem solved!

  11. Its not a bluff. A mom like thats foundation would crumble if she folded

  12. You'd be suprised. My mom throws my shit out the window everytime she gets her fucking period or should I look at her a way she doesn't like. You'd really be suprised the amount of shitty mothers out there.
  13. if you two really love each other i say you two should sit down with her mom and talk it out.

  14. But what should i say to her mom that could change her mind ?
  15. Most ppl already have their minds made. At this point her mom isn't gonna listen to anything you really have to say...probably blinded by her rage. Anyhow, I saw someone suggest her moving in with you...that said, if the two of you have a job start gettin that money right.

    Can't please the world...sooo there's no sense in trying. If you love her and she loves you let it be and just do y'all.

  16. Tell her mom that it doesn't really matter if you love her daughter. Relationships end all the time. The important thing is that the mom loves her daughter and realizes that kicking her child out because of the person she's dating would only hurt her daughter.

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