We don’t deserve dogs

Discussion in 'Pets' started by iddypiddy, Oct 31, 2017.

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    Add your “we don’t deserve dogs” pictures in the comments

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  3. Some of us treat our dogs well.

    On one of my Facebook pages, there's so many people trying to re-home their pits. Sad. Don't get a dog if you're broke as shit and ghetto.
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    Darth Peaches shall feast upon your souls....
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  5. Just cause ur ghetto doesnt mean that you shouldnt have the luxury of owning a pet. Everyone has that right. But i agree that if u cant afford to take care of the animal, then getting one would be selfish.
  6. I Loved all my dogs as children
  7. I love my children as dogs. Lol
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  8. Dam Lucky Kids
  9. Now is that a simile or a metaphor ?
  10. My dogs are my children <3 I feel like I never have to be sad again with a dog.
  11. I love my dog very much. He is my baby.
  12. I'm too young to own a pup anywayz..
  13. How old are you if you're too young to own a pup? You can buy them at any age lol
  14. 30..sick of being in Australia. Huge country but so little people. Police brutality. In Thailand you just disappear.
    Could be why, we are one, one for all.
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  15. Damn that sucks man I got family that live in Australia & they like it :laughing:, move country dude come over to UK.. the police don't really care about much here unless you have a gun or knife :confused_2::laughing:
  16. Amazing..I'm actually half English..wonder why my dad didn't drop me off at Thailand..forever...but sadly, I was there when I was a baby and at age 13..but I must say, it's a beautiful country..except Liverpool, coz I haven't been there.
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  17. A bit off topic..nonetheless.
  18. Why can’t you own a dog when you’re 30? You just have to be 18 or older in Australia.....
  19. Is that true? One has to be 18 to have a dog, never heard that before.
    I thought one had to be 18 to post here.

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