we cant decriminalize

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  1. I think the government should not be allowed to regulate/touch any of our weed. Just think...the government has over 90% of the grown crop by 2010 (when I think it will be legal) and all of a sudden they decide to sterilize the seeds. Now we have weed with no THC and we are stuck with no weed until the mexicans can bring schwag in from the south and our neighbors from the north can bring us canadian grass
  2. Why the fuck would they intentionally produce THC-less weed?

  3. :rolleyes: You must be smoking something really good.

    The Government wouldn't be in the business of growing it. Do they grow the corn we eat? No? Hmmm. How about sugarcane? No again?? Rice?? NO???

    Decriminalization is bullshit anyways; it needs to be fully legalized. Commercial growers don't want that; they want it decrimed so they can continue to charge outrageous prices.
  4. There are way too many seed banks out there for the government to "sterilize" all marijuana seeds. Even if it was legalized and regulated by the government people would still grow their own shit because nothing beats smoking your own plant that you helped raise and take care of. I don't think marijuana will be legalized anytime soon though.
  5. lay off the pipe dude
  6. decriminalization has nothing to do with the government regulating the weed we get, just the punishment we receive for having bud.
  7. okayyy..... Dam weirdos on GC.:rolleyes:
  8. I love it when people make a thread about a serious issue, but have NO IDEA about the issue on hand.

    Seriously, OP. Next time you want to make a stoned rant about something of this sort, take the time to actually research your argument before you make yourself look even more foolish.
  9. Dude,... you're living in a fantasy world.. :rolleyes:
  10. this is just on of those what if things...sorry I was waaaaay to stoned wating dea

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