we built this city on rock and roll

Discussion in 'General' started by stash_up, Jan 17, 2004.


would our own city be cool?

  1. yeah dude, that would be awesome!

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  2. no, your an idiot

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  3. im still singing along to 'we built this city'

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  1. i was just reading through posts and realised how we all refer to it as 'the city'. wouldn't it be cool if we actually had our own city where we all livedtogether? with no laws
  2. nice one.
    As per usual to this question, yeah of corse that rock, i'd just worry bout the smog ;)
  3. i listen to that song all the time. my little brother (17) sings that song and none of his friends know what it is. We both see it as sad.

    Oh, and it would be cool if we had our own city, too. We'd still have to have laws, but drug laws would be lax.

  4. lax as in, only stupid drugs outlawed. could i be cheif of police? and bat people with my little club?

    also ust download song
  5. I wanna start a private island, where we just sit and smoke pot all day!

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