We are one.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. We are one.
  2. But we are two :smoking: :smoking:
  3. please dont interpret this as me gettin kinky with ya critter... but....

    i'm sure we all dig that thing when two become one. ;)
  4. we are one. :)

    service... what's that... third rung on the washboard?
  5. In the philosophical sense, we are one in sunyata, one in being a flux of co-dependant movement, one in being equally existent and non-existent, one in that we share a place in this immediate vision of awareness. We're one not in the sense that we're all holding our places in a great celestial Xmas pudding, where our oneness allows unity and individuality. This is one with no other, 'Not Two-Ness' in Ati-yoga. You are the One apparent as the many, the many apparent as the One.

  6. I thought Neo was the one??? :confused:
  7. Damn, yes! All these years...wasted....:D

  8. in the whole scheme of things, we're one species, and with all the millions out there... we really are one :) we're allll human :D
    birds of a feather flock together..
  9. thats a small scheme not the whole scheme. we are the universe that is also us. There is no distinction but that in language. There is no inch or hour just illusion.

    I just had a weird thought thinking that we are all waves with the peaks and valleys. Like sound is the intervals of vibration as is life and death, but its not that we live and then die but are constantly alternating between the two at such rapid speed that we don't focus on death troths. I then told myself to feel both and I got a warm comfort. And in the time i could stay in the moment I felt familiar with it all. when we "die" we just focus on the troths instead of the peaks and it feels no different. There isn't a spiritual world or material world there is just is.

    not an original idea, but profound if you actually feel it.

  10. Woah, i want some of THAT shit! :hippie: good quote, where's it from?
  11. ...And thus we have become gender-neutral!
  12. i think it came from palmer eldritch himself.

    i've had similar revelatory experiences like that of stumbling in thought upon the great "isness" as i called it.
  13. yeah it was my own instantaneous experience.

    and btw, I haven't been intoxicated by marijuana, alcohol or caffeine in over a month. Melatonin has been the only thing I've been taking for sleeping reasons. So sorry you can't have my own chemicals :p
  14. the "warmth" between life and death that you feel is life
    (or atleast that was my take on what you said)
    i still enjoy thinking off all the "cycles" in life, such as weather, the cycle of the sun and the moon and so on, i often compare cycles to the enjoyablity of muic (cycles are alot like beats/meaures) ...we out off all this i came to thinking that cycles make us happy because of their predictibility and support for all life
  15. More like, everything is one.
  16. We have to be careful asigning duality or one-ness to ultimate reality, it's more of a 'not two-ness', neither one nor many. Here the first verse of a Tibetan text on the subject explains that apparent images of samsara have never existed as anything independant, and have never come into being - therefore there's nothing that can be expressed as a unity.
    The second verse explains that our unitary sameness is due to the fact that all experience is equal manifestations of 'mind'; equal in emptiness; equal in the fact that they again have never moved from being anything other than individual moments of a causal chain viewed out of context. Nothing moves from being spontaneous awareness.

    Samsara and Nirvana, all gnostic vision,
    as it appears, is one in its empty face;
    Like a dream, enchantment, reflection of the moon in water,
    like the four visions and gossamer celestial space,
    one in ultimate emptiness, total emptiness, it is simplicity itself.
    Since everything is a single field, pure from the beginning,
    there is no 'duality', everything contained in a single seed,
    that is zero-dimensional pure being. Ho!

    The five elements, manifested in pure mind,
    unoriginated, cannot escape unitary sameness;
    though appearing to exist, the six types of beings are empty form,
    all mental imagery, unstirring from the self-knowing scope;
    though plesure and pain are surely felt, they do not move
    from essential total presence, sole self-sprung awareness:
    know all experience as the one spaciousness, as emptiness,
    the same unborn reality of pure mind!

    Longchen Rabjam,
    14th century Dzogchen Master.

  17. hmm, great thoughts on zero dimensional existence and how that relates to a 10 dimensional awareness...
  18. I've often though of that myself. Much like the makeup of our bodies, composed of cells. WE each are cells of the world, and maybe the world is an organ of the universe, who knows. Good people are the white blood cells who help other people and live a positive life, while bad people are the cancer.
  19. We all have one mother (if ya go back far enough)

    we're all one big happy family :D so we are all one
  20. yet, everyone treats eachother as they are enemies

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