We are one?

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  1. So i've seen this concept around here quite a lot but couldn't find a thread dedicated to it. The idea that there is one consciousness that we are all part of, or that somehow we are all connected in one way or another. I've felt this sensation before on a few different unmentionables (even to the point of communicating telepathically) so I'm interested in everyones thoughts on this.
    If anyones heard about the egg theory (that there is essentially one consciousness that lives out every life on earth separately before going on to something greater) I'm thinking similar to that. without the concept of time to confuse you could we all just be the same thing somehow? I'm struggling to put this into words  at the moment. 
    let me know what you're thinking, don't hate, appreciate

  2. I don't see anything here to hate :p.
    I think I've thought something similar to this before. The human body, and the universe as a whole, is a complex chemical reaction. The particular reaction within our bodies and brains happens to form our conscious perception of this very thing. But then I have wondered, what if the universe itself forms a conscious mind much like our own, and what if we are merely consituents of it? I see this as something fun to speculate, but I see no way of proving or disproving such an idea. How could we prove the existence of a 'greater' consciousness when we can perceive it only from our own perspective?
    And yet still, at the chemical level, we are all one. We are all a bunch of atoms that move around in accordance with the natural laws of the universe. Even after we die, the atoms that our bodies were made of continue behaving exactly as they did while we were alive, and just as they had been before we were even born.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. This oneness or connection you refer to is something I have felt and continue to feel throughout my entire life. It is something I believe everyone can tap into, but some are born with a more innate sense of it than others. I have had profound experiences with this feeling and it has at some points literally saved my life. The details on that are both depressing and intriguing but the story is long so I'll spare you the wall of text. 
    Things like cannabis and other substances (previously referenced), when used with the right intention by the right individual, can open your mind to this reality on a very vast and powerful scale. This feeling of unity and interconnection is something I strive to channel and bring to others. It is a feeling that, when felt in its full embrace, is absolutely mindblowing. It is a feeling of immense love, acceptance, and peace. I genuinely feel it is a part of my journey on Earth to spread this feeling and do my best to bring humanity together as one whole through genuine love, compassion, acceptance, joy, etc.
    Namaste.  :smoke:
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    I'm of the opinion that our various forms of mental functionality, including  what we mean by consciousness, are separate in as far as they are produced by distinct brains. But there are zillions of ways for brains and sensory apparatus of distinct organisms to become entangled - and so their conscious experiences. I'm very skeptical of much of the paranormal world but I may be wrong, having experience something one time that definitely does not fit my nice, tidy, materialistic perspective.
  5. Yes, we are one!  We're all original 'big bang' energy looking back at ourselves in every moment of existence with our constant awareness of 'being' that makes it so...both scientifically and experientially... if one decides he want's to look deep enough.
  6. One species? Sure.
  7. Yes. We are one. Everything is one thing.
  8. Even if one does not agree or see it as so, it remains a powerful and compassionate concept to the mind. Ought to be beyond religion.

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  9. Dude, I totally get you. I remember making a post about this while high a couple of weeks back.
    It's like the entire universe is a single energy or consciousness from which we all experience or perceive from unique perspectives. The uniqueness of our perspectives becomes manifested in our egos, which hold us back from realising the deeper essence of existence.
    In realising this, we can also realise that time is not real and the universe is just particles moving due to energy, so really, time is energy. Furthermore, the entire structure of our world and society becomes obsolete and the only true things we must do are survive and procreate (and does it even matter if we don't?). Everything else is just whatever. Nothing has to mean anything.
    I kind of feel that this connects to the idea of "god." The entire universe is god and therefore, we are god. There is no "man-in-the-sky" god which organised religion seems to insist upon, only the universe. We must transcend everything society has traditionally institutionalised upon us and become a part of the whole. I don't know exactly how, but there's something that we are all missing.
    Btw OP I think I know which unmentionables you speak of ; )
  10. I like to think of Tue human mind as an individual neurons in the brain of humanity

    Humanity does its best to cut.out cancerous cells

  11. I have too, amazing isn't it?
  12. Here is how I picture many people sharing one consciousness:
    Think of a cardboard box with a light in it. I poke 5 holes in it and that light shines through the 5 holes. It seems like 5 seperate lights(consciousnesses), but it's still just that one light.
  13. I too came to the "we are one" conclusion while on unmentionables. For me it was More like me and everything around me are made of the same thing or come from the same place.
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    I wouldn't even want to be ''One'' with half the people I meet, let alone with ''everyone''. :unsure:.
  15. They are you just as I am you.
    If Quantum physics claims that a particle can be everywhere at the same time, everything would be the same particle. Sounds similar to me.
  16. You are the aware awake essence, the transparency for which all of reality takes place in.  Liken to a droplet of water holding the contents of it's surroundings.  So yes...all is 'one'. 
    How sad.
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    EDIT; Actually, don't answer that, my original comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously, because I don't take the notion that ''We are one'' seriously, it's just one of those things people ''say'', so..
  19. This reminds me of a song I used to hear all the time as a kid. I never appreciated it's meaning until now

    We are one
    But we are many
    And from all the lands in earth we come
    We share a dream
    And sing with one voice
    I am, you are, we are Australian.

    Maybe not so relevant to your idea of a single unified consciousness but I just thought I'd out it out there

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    The Universe is all that is. Some use the word Divine, others God, etc, to describe it, but this is just a way of understanding it. Religion has turned much of this into something many choose to reject completely. Yet, there is clearly (to me) something very conscious about it, and as a result, everything must be connected.
    Quantum physics already recognises this connection even if it is yet to be able to properly define it, so it would be foolish for anyone to dismiss this idea simply because they have rejected other ideas they know not to be true for them.
    Not wise to dismiss the whole concept based on what you see others have chosen to believe from it - don't dismiss what doesn't seem to make sense and then conclude that there cannot be something to know, as many seem to do.
    Always best to leave an opening so that something else can be recognised at some point. You never know.

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