We Are In War, But Not In War (Usa)

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  1. This has been boggling my mind for a while, Obama gives a press release saying we are going to war with ISIS, yes its not really a war, just people killing people and bombings. But we cant go to war without Congress permission. yet Obama says i believe i have the power, but the constitution says he doesn't. yet congress does nothing like its been doing. What the hell is going on did one guy in America declare war and no one else really cared and we all just said lets go round two i guess?

  2. The "war on terror" was created to allow the president constitution use of power in "times of crisis" as granted by the constitution.

    Its allows the federal.government to take away rights permanently by declaring eternal war on "terrorists" which will ALWAYS exist.

    Also the cold war is still happening.

    Communist infiltration into our culture has been an outstanding success and nnow our country is divided.

    Liberal policies and lazy socilaists spreading like wildfire combined with the hyper inflation that is "required for economic growth" will soon result in economic collapse

    Once the country is destabilize we will he kissing Soviet China's boot and working in Chinese sweat shops

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  3. I understand the first part however if you look at the stats of true socialist countries, not the terrible evil socialism of the cold war, im talking the swiss form. I dont believe communism infiltrated our our democracy, i believe the fears of socialism came true UNDER democracy. Its easy to fool the people, you wave money in your right hand while controling them with your left, you scare them into deregulation then it turns into a oligarchy, the rich ruling the poor and we didnt notice, now its too late, without drastic action. And im damn sure our "representatives"  arnt listening to us, and they dont plan on it anytime soon, and what can we do about that? we elect someone else and they eventually get corrupted like everyone else. 
    Truly human kind went wrong when we left the bartering for goods and services with other goods and services.
    and yea, the war with Russia is comming, America seeing its first war on its soil in many a year, it wont be pretty, hope all the rednecks can actually shoot well 
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    Here we go

    Socialism is evil at its core. I've heard all the "oh Russia wasn't a true Communist nation" bullshit

    I made a thread explaining why the core ideals.of socialism are bad check it out
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  5. They are not at war they are just going to support their allies with air strikes, combat training and ammunition. Countries have been doing that since forever. Usually on the sly though.
  6. Though i share many of your thoughts on Communism i do not see us getting by with are current "government". Right now we are leaving it all up to the corporation, a corporations only drive is to make more money to become bigger, it losses a human element and just envelops all in its path because its no longer one person as a head, its a group all trying to impress each other. Only through the government heavily regulating the corporations as the people heavily regulate the government can we get anywhere, but right now we cant regulate our own government because we screwed up and let the corporations have a bit more freedom as if we didnt learn our lesson from the great depression.
  7. If Russia started to do the same thing to us would we not scream war? how many enemies must one country kill before it crosses that line, the only difference in training our troops to fight, and training our troops to train other troops to fight is the person that dies is born in a different place. The same action is occuring, its still war.
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    That is completely different Russia and the US are both legitimate countries, IS is just an out of control gang (for lack of a better word) of Religious fanatics pushing their luck as much as they can in areas where governments are unable to defend themselves.

    Imagine if every gang in the US banded together to take on the government, wouldn't you want your allies to help any way they could?
  9. Yes Bush started that bullshit when the UN denied him access to Iraq. Now all presidents just start wars with a snap of a finger.
  10. Dude get with the program, the people (us) are too occupied with food music and intoxication to understand the constitution, we lost.

    Let them do whatever they want cause they can, and make YOUR life as best as possible without stepping on someone else's feet.
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    An out of control gang that has been grossing millions, gaining followers taking over electric dams and selling oil. only thing stopping them from becoming there own country is college graduates that can keep all that stuff working, if they figure that out, and establish a pseuto-government and can keep everything they took running, well as far as im concerned they are just as good as North Korea and we all pretend they are a country. 
    Also at what point did our Countrys gang of little mad British people decided we were tired of being called that and just well....become a country
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    It's called, "thr English Roman Empire" uses it's secret war nation. And yes, media spun it so everyone on the "patriotic" boat had to say "yea, let's go."

    All of my threads are about stopping that shit. It is a true legal process, INCLUDING, and firstly our agreeing upon the purpose of free speech. That purpose is prime constitutional intent and THAT, controls Article V, our codified right to "alter or abolish" abusive government.
  13. Another reason why a democracy like the one we have will always fail. The young generation doesnt care, and the older generation is trying to run a modern society with the values of yestur-year. its set up to fail. 
    I'm currently 20 years old working my way through Diesel mechanic school, everyday i come home and read a chapter or so ahead, check my finances, pay bills, stress out over money, and make sure i squeeze in at least an hour of whats going on in the world, which is hard to do. there is so much shit you have to do just to START you life and you have to be so busy that unless you have a mind determent to keep up with the times its very easy to not care about the politics. Which is funny because it plays the biggest roles in what im paying, be it state college bills, financial aid, taxes. yet we are too busy doing these things to be able to sit down and vote on whats going to happen later. and the only people who have the time to do any of that are the retired, whom refuse to go with the time determend to live life the exact same as long as they can
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    The strategy I present uses a concept which should be in Article V. Preparatory amendment. Before a general convention to propose amendments proceeds. The strategy fixes the democratic function FIRST. These 3 amendments are proposed and ratified to assure all
    Later amendments have full constitutional intent.

    1) End the abridging of free speech
    2) Secure the elections
    3) Campaign finance reform

    Even if you were not too busy, the vote is corrupted and campaign finance is corrupted. Democracy cannot work unless the people of it have truly informed opinions. Ending the abridging of free speech fixes that.
  15. I like it but its a lot of glittering generalities, how exactly do you plan on doing 1,2,3? how can you secure the elections, how do you force people to have informed opinions? how do you even help someone have one that has to worry about having a roof over his head next week.
  16. We do it because we want to live.

    Not generalities, very specific legal process.

    All that needs to be done is for people to stop investing everything in the current political processes of partisanship and demand officials and candidates address constitutional intent.

    Of course the people have to know what that is first. Cognitive infiltration into this and every forum on dot com is working to sabotage Americans capacity to know and share constitutional intent.

    Want an example? Look at my threads.
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    I'd just like to say that communism and capitalism are not forms of government.

    They are philosophies.

    Saying the Soviet union had a "socialist government" is silly. Saying America had a "capitalist" government is also silly.

    Also America isn't really capitalist

    Also also excessive regulations make bigger corperations

    You should do some research on how regulations hurt small buisnrsses and crush competition for the ccoroerations.

    The corperations you hate so much are literally the result of overregulation

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  18. except that's not the case.

    Gangs are organized crime. They see themselves as.organized crime.

    Terrorists are resistance fighters. They don't see themselves as criminals

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  19. That's part of the price of progress.

    Its why all this happens in cycles.

    When people get comfortable they also want to not have responsibility and this gives government more power. People don't care.

    It will always happen this way. You can't get people to care if they are content. They won't want to care.

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  20. Why I'm planning to move.  My mom sent me a text today she's leaving this country too.

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