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Discussion in 'General' started by xLDKx NewYorker, Nov 11, 2014.

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    I'm high as shit and just had this dumbass idea watching TNG


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  2. Ha! I just watched the wrath of Khan.

    Star trek is the best.
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    I've been trolling through all of the series and movies, honestly I like the TNG timeline much more... I don't know, Picard is just more appealing.
    But yeah Wrath of Khan is pretty good.
    Let the shit storm ensue... lol
  4. I am the borg
  5. I got high this morning and decided to watch Pandorum again^^  Best Sci-Fi movie a lot of people have never heard of.
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    Sorry, but I wouldn't even watch it because of the directing company. Even though ST is just as predictable as any other franchise... Some just do better than others.
    I'll get it anyway, just to watch it now.
    Not trying to be a dick, you like the movie that's all that should matter.
    Ah well your loss, pretty sure you could say that every producer / director has an issue with at least one film (You didn't even say what yours ways). But like I said it is likely the best Sci-FI movie you have never heard of. Skip it your loss not mine I think it's a bad ass movie!
  8. No I'm gonna watch it. I just don't like the how they killed RE...
    I'm not one of those assholes who is like, "wuz made bi feggits so ure feggit. feggit."
    If you say it's good, I might as well watch it.
  9. If you like Sci-Fi and it disappoints you I will be surprised. I didn't realize it the 1st time I watched but Norman Reedus is in it briefly, pretty funny seeing him now that he has been in Walking Dead although makes sense cause it is a pretty creepy movie!
  10. Just downloaded... Waiting for my 1/4oz  then i'll start it up and say something about it.
    That's not Serenity.
    I hate how trailers spoil a whole fucking movie. It seemed so spooky and mysterious half way through then it goes to jump scares and gore with space zombies. Still might give it a watch.
  12. In this day and age with as many movies as we all have seen I doubt there is a single movie that one could not pick apart for one or more reasons. 
    I get bummed out that TV doesn't seem to want to invest in Sci-FI outer space shows like Star-Trek, FireFly,Stargate Sg-1, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica etc. While the new fantasy/horror series that have been put out recently are great and a nice addition to TV I still overall prefer some sort of Flying around in space shows and hope we get something that doesn't get cancelled that's worth a damn sooner than later.
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    Primer, it is notorious for people trying to pick it apart to extreme levels. Seriously, people draw maps for it.
    Space is too nerdy. Fantasy use to be nerdy until Tolken and GRRM brought the sexy. I'd kill for a sci-fi series with a GoT budget. I could see Dune happening, a big series like that. Though I prefer hard sci-fi like Asimov. Small shit bugs me like sounds in space.
    I'd also like to see spooky replace horror. Or if its has to be horror I'd love to see some real terrifying insanity lovecraft shit. Back to mystery and unknowning, not a jack in the box simulator.
    As far as space goes, nothing will ever top 2001. Hell, no one will ever top Kubrick.
  14. Dune would be great they could do so much with it in so many different ways!
    tolkien brought the sexy? hahaha wut
    You're over thinking it. I simply mentioned the source, not the product. Would you prefer I said Peter Jackson? Legolas? Orlando Bloom? The point was fantasy went from D&D basement tier to everybody and their mum knowing that Winter is Coming and they would probably fuck an Elf.
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     "Thieves World", "Apprentice Adept","DragonRiders of Pern" and a few other book series would also work really well in modern tv format.
  18. I just want a Firefly reboot with full creative control.
    You and a ton of others lol^^
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    Lol This is the main thing that bugs me the fuck out in any sci-fi I watch
    As a computer guy anyway... Also the terminology and any "hacking" as well

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