Wazzzzup yalll

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Prolific Pete, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. Hey Yall how's it going. I just started tokin' up six months ago and i quickly became a POT HEAD! We're talkin Big time bong rippin'! My room mate and a couple friend of mine are having a contest on who can grow the best outdoor bud. If anyone has some tips for newbie bud growing drop me a line.

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  2. HIGH PP, welcome to the CITY!! If you have any growin' questions, check out the Outdoor growing forum. The mods there can answer all of your questions. :wave: :smoking:
  3. Welcome to the city of weed.
  4. I feel the truth ebbing from your soul. Empower yourself with marijuana.

    (I need to smoke and I get wierd when I dont)
  5. hey hey welcome aboard.
  6. all help is greatly appreciated--I need this for an adrenal gland disorder

  7. oh shit no way! you GET to smoke? haha lucky bitch

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