waytoomany.com gone?

Discussion in 'General' started by scrumper, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Just wondering...all i get is a godaddy page when I go there saying its for sale...?
  2. Hasn't been loading for me all day. I don't see a godaddy page though

    They are probably changing dns servers though
  3. hope so, that place is pretty entertaining :(
  4. ____off of WTM.COM_____

    Basically the server that was hosting waytoomany.com physically broke. The hosting company we were using couldnt fix the problem and wouldnt refund the money. So long story short, after 36 hours of nothing being done and little to no response to my repeated emails, i said "FUCK YOU" and then they disconnected the server and took all our money. Bunch of theiving little bitches. Anyways we should be back in the next few days when we get set up with a hopefully better company.
    Take this time to smoke a nice big blunt and chug some beers.

    We'll be back soon!

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