Ways to dry water cured buds?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by PeruvianDank, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Im on day 5 of water curing my harvest. I want to know a fast or practical way to dry my water cured buds on day 7. Any ideas

    Thanks in advance guys :D
  2. Subbed because I'd like to hear input. haha. My 2 month cured white widow is still harsh, so I think I need to do this.
    Once you finish, post pics and a report of how the cure turned out!

    Personally, I'd throw them in the bottom layer of my drying rack with 2 fans on either side blowing air past; probably set up a dehumidifier as well. In the beginning I'd also probably be a bit paranoid of mold, and run a fan blowing directly over the top of the buds for the first few hours, or day.
    Before the rack though, I'd lightly dry the buds (set them on some paper towels, lightly dab at them, nothing rough or rubbing)
  3. What about the oven?
    could it work

  4. Yes, but it would also degrade your herb. I would not oven dry it.
    My personal thought is that inside of the oven, water evaporating out will damage cells at that rate, including trich's, letting out oil. I could be totally wrong.
    At the very least using the heat will degrade your buds; if anyone knows to what extent we'd to love hear.

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