Ways to calm my mind down?

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  1. Just dealt with super frustrating and emotionally draining confrontation with family. Usually I smoke to calm down a bit, but unfortunately I'm all out of bud. I tried meditating but my mind kept wandering elsewhere distracting me from actually relaxation. What ways would you recommend to try and calm my mind down?
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  2. Talk to your best friend, that always helps keep your mind distracted. Alternatively, do something you really enjoy doing, that will definitely keep your mind occupied.

    Like for me, it's netflix and youtube. I just watch my favorite channel or netflix show and I feel a lot better and distracted too.

    but it also really helps to have bud too.
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  3. I find doing something constructive helps whether it be something you enjoy (mental distraction) or remove yourself from the situation by taking a long walk (physical distraction/self reflection) though if you can't get away or it may make the situation worse, there is nothing like a total upheaval, rearranging a room (chaos) with a deep cleaning scrub getting all the pent up anger out on the floor and/or walls - I guarantee by the time you put everything up (order) you will be totally exhausted and even may feel a bit refreshed possibly with a new outlook (it takes 2 to tango)....it's not for everyone but what works for me with a side affect of "oh shit! who fucked with mom" (individual checks and balances)
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  4. I like the idea, did some light cleaning yesterday to relieve my mind and it helped a lot. Still feeling some stress & anxiety today so I think I may do just that. I do like my room to be a bit cluttered though not going to lie, my mind runs off of a little mess and little chaos.. a good deep cleaning every once and awhile is good for the soul.
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  5. Same here... drives my daughter crazy as she likes everything neat and organized. Last time she tried to help me organize my files, I couldn't find a damn thing until it was a little disordered lol

    It certainly is! Good Luck!
  6. Iced tea and Seinfeld reruns.

    Been my go to for 8 years or so.
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  7. In the long term? Sort yourself out and work towards becoming a self-actualized ubermensch. Short term, I dunno, sort out your anxiety or what is stressing you out. Wind down with a drink or a smoke. Meditate. Exercise. There are tons of ways.
  8. meditation
    it's great practice that benefits every part of life, and can get to the point when you are meditating every action. People think of meditation as sitting there doing nothing, but you can meditate while working out, playing an instrument, making love, walking in the woods, anytime, any where, any space, any place ..

    Also it depends on your temperament, do you think all the time and your mind always is racing?
    help you can eat:
    magnesium citrate powder, yerba mate, gotu kola, kava powder, of course cannabis (high CBD strain would be best) Indica for the body highs, helps me to remember to get out of the head and into the body!
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  9. please elaborate. how can I meditate during activities like the ones you mentioned? Am I meditating simply because my mind is clear, or for some other reason?
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  10. Physical activity. Bike ride, car wash, hike, long walk, it matters not. The physical nature of said activities helps burn off and metabolize the crap that your system pumps out when stressed or having anxious energy pump through you.

    My go to is lawn work. 3 acres of lawn to mow, edge, weed whack, prune and other assorted crap gets me into the right frame of mind. I even yell and get the anger out as well. My lawn looks like a golf course because of how much work I put into it.

    I was going to get a riding mower but I get such a kick ass work out mowing it like I do I just can't see myself spending money on a riding mower.

    The right activity is out there, you just need to find it.
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  11. A long walk followed by a wank does the trick for me when stressed.
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  12. I mean wanking is a natural way to relieve stress..
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