Ways to beat the t break?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by TejasBoi, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. So I'm going a t break here right after Christmas. I'm moving me and my family back to Texas (thank you Allah) and I'm gonna need to get a job right? ... Right? That's what people in this world do... Get jobs and miss out on life?... Any ways what are some ways you beat the urge to smoke a bowl or two. I think once I get pass day two I should be good. It's just the first two days that will be a bitch. Any advice will be inspected and recycled if given properly. Thanks
  2. Two of the most proven ways to quit weed or have a sustained t-break; 
    Distract yourself with other hobbies which you have such as gaming. 
    Try to limit the amount of temptations you will have, for example smoke all of your weed before you start your t-break and have someone hide all of your paraphernalia.
    Goodluck on your T-break bro.
  3. Its your anxiety that bekons you now, just wait keep busy not distracted, is surprisingly easy for me after 12 years constant use, as its just not that addictive, wait and see
  4. I acknowledge I'm shooting totally in the dark here, since I don't know you, so please don't take offense.  Is it possible that you're not experiencing cravings as such?  One of my friends thought he was hooked.  What we figured out was that he had an underlying anxiety problems, which we figured out ran in his family.  When he stopped using, he wasn't having withdrawal, it was just that he was unintentionally treating the anxiety and when he stopped using, symptoms of the underlying condition were emerging.  

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