Way Too Much

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by igotlockjaw, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. Ok this all started when me and 2 of my other friends wanted to go to this rave that was like in the next town over. But, they didnt have a ride. So we are all sittin there, trippin are NUTZ off of like 6 hits we each ate wanting to go to this rave....plus, my dealer was there going to give me a 1/4 of pot. Ok it was me, my friend ryan, and this my lil black friend frank. Anyways, i weighed about 175 at the time, frank weighed about 105 and ryan weighed about 230. So we are trying to find a way to this rave....its like 20 degrees outside and we are all standing there with shorts on and snot frozen on our face and shit and we look at ryans moped...we are thinkin, there is no we are all gonna be able to fit on the moped with out it fuckin up...we were like, fuck it, and got on it and drove the 15 miles to the rave. Well, we get to the rave, still trippin our nuts off badly, and we all pay to get in and i find my dealer. He is rollin his nuts off and gives me a half pound instead of a quarter pound. So i am walking around with this half pound in my hands with people all lookin at me and shit....then we see this one HOT, i mean, HOT ASS chick dancin...so we are trippin saying, what the fuck u know? why not sit here and watch this chick dance a lil...and then the rave ended....well i look over and we see a shit load of Hellz Angelz...its this KKK biker gang that came into there and were starting shit with everyone....so me and my friends left becuz one of my friends was black and we didnt want them saying anything to him...u know like anything racist...so we leave. We get outside, i put the half lb in the seat of ryans moped and it wouldnt fit. So we were like FUCK, we are trippin, its cold, all we are wearing is shorts, a shirt and a jacket, and the pot wont fit in the seat. So we find one of my friends that was DJ'ing there to let us break it up. So we do that, i got a 1/4 pound in the seat now and frank has 2 oz on him and so does ryan...So we try and start the moped....wouldnt fuckin start....so we had to roll the bitch real fast and kick start the cocksucker.....it started and then we started to go home...We got lost in the ghetto with a bunch of mean looking mother fuckers staring at us...so we are trippin our nutz off, with a shit load of weed on us, and on a fuckin moped with 3 people on it...So my friend calls around on his phone and we realize that we were lost....so we just start driving and get back on this street that we had to take to get home...anyways, we are all trippin, i was drivin, then fat ryan was behind me, then my friend frank was sitting on the basket of the moped...which is only supposed to hold 15 lbs...lol. Then we see this cop so we all "nonchantly" look away and the fuckin pig does a u turn and pulls us over....We were thinkin, oh my shit, we got a lotta weed on us and our pupils are fuckin huge... So we get pulled into this car lot at 4:20 ( :) ) in the morning with bright lights...the cop asked us what the hell we were doing riding 3 deep on a fuckin 1 seater moped....so we told him that we got kicked out of this one dudes house that we thought we were spending the night at and we were on our way to a different friends house.....and we all had a lot of weed on us...so he was cool and told them to get into the car so he could take them to our friends house.....i started to shit a brick becuz i thought the cop was gonna check them, but he didnt...and it was all gravy from that point on. It was scary but fun as hell. Anyways, thats my story.

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