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    Hello All,
    Super noob here. So this all started out as a half-baked attempt to grow. I didn't fully expect the couple of seeds I chanced to collect from random procurements to actually grow. I started it in December in a small pot in my window sill. It slowly budded and vegg'd. I moved it to a larger pot in my closet; then grew some huge leaves, grew really tall, started budding with nice flowers although sparse and white pistols, some pistols turned amber, but others did not. That's where the root of my problems started. It started out as nothing more than an awesome experiment, but when I actually saw the buds, I got hyped. It's now mid-late June.
    To me it appears that I missed the harvest window and the plant has, according to some forums, re-vegg'd. I was waiting for 80% of the pistols to turn amber, but more pistols have sprouted so that it's more about 50/50. The top leaves are starting to die, which seems to signal that the plant is nearing the end of its life-that or it's too close to the light. In any case, I feel like it's way overdue to begin drying and curing. 
    Any thoughts? See attached pics.


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  2. looks alright to me prob hve a nice buzzz =P
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    Pistols won't tell you when she's ready its the trichomes you need to look at, get a pocket microscope or reverse some binoculars and take a look at the little sugar like crystals all over the buds, i usually harvest when there half cloudy half amber,
    Also i can see there is lots of water on your plant, don't spray your plant as it'll increase the chances of budrot/mould.
    @Thamuz, a couple of follow-ups. So I looked at the trichs with a jeweler's loupe. They look clear to me. Also, is the dying leaves from spraying them? I was spraying with a mist of revive solution to help with some of the dying leaves. Pretty much, I've been flushing every other or every few days, and it's on a 10 hour light / 14 hour dark schedule. Where do I go from here?
  5. December? Do you live in Australia or south of the Equator?
    Anyways, learn how to trike your buds. 70% milky, 30% amber and you should be good.
    I totally should have mentioned this is an indoor grow.
  7. Looks like it doesn't have proper lighting. Plant looks anemic, long tall skinny, no bud development. What are you growing it with? Nutrients? Indoor plants need a pretty good environment (soil, food, light) to grow big and strong. I'd say get some more lighting see what happens, worst case, make some hash out of it.
  8. Just stop misting it mate, leaves are gonna die as it gets to the end of its life so don't worry too much about the leaves dying, have you/are you feeding it at all?
    Thanks Thamuz. I was reading that the leaves die at the end, so I wasn't too worried about that.
    I didn't start feeding it nutes until I realized it was actually growing, which was probably a month into it's life. I then started with Shultz plant food then switched to Revive as per a few forum's recommendations. Documentation on how to grow is exhaustive, scattered, and not as comprehensive as I would have hoped. This is an experiment nonetheless, lessons learned. I'm just hoping to get a little something out of it.
    I'm not feeding it anymore as I thought that it was time to start flushing it. Was that a wrong choice? I could re-up on the nutes again.
  10. the buds will kinda harden up to the touch and hairs turnin red or dark when real near chop. ull get some great smoke ...  

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