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Wax Shatter Concentrate In Washing Machine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mr.junkmailed, May 21, 2013.

  1. So yea, I accidentally washed my wax shatter concentrate in container in my washing machine. I've tested the container before and submerging it in water didnt make any water go inside. The wax currently smells fine smells dank and like thc but I notice a little bit of water. Wax was washed with soap and cold water only. What should I do? Should I vape it? Should I rinse it with water first before vaping it? or throw it away? Btw on the wax theres a little bit of greyness and little water spots almost.

  2. Lol okay first is it wax or shatter, cant be both at once man hahah
    I wouldn't trust it myself, buy maybe winterizing could purify it? Not sure if iso would extract the soaps or not...
  3. If its shatter, use it.

    I wouldn't trust it if its wax.
  4. only one way to find out.
  5. Drop a dab and see how it tastes!
  6. fuck the tastes see if it gets you high. If so, toke on!
  7. If I paid for it I'm smoking it. Lol

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