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Wax pricing?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by themuffinman21, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. So I usually but the natural herb for $15 a G , an eighth for $50, quarters for $80. But I was just wondering if I were to buy wax what would the pricing be on that? If it helps I'm from Tennessee and wax is a little rare to come by from the town I'm from but possible to get easily but just for maybe a more expensive price

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  2. 35 us dollars for a gram of wax
  3. Completely depends where you are and how accessible it is in your area...In places with dispensaries where they have a lot, probably like $25-40 a g...Places without dispensaries where it is hard to come by? anywhere from $40-$80 a g. Really depends.
  4. No more than 60? My opinion
  5. could be anywhere from 30-100 on the east coast and like half that on the west.
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    VA for me it's 65 / g
    But it really depends where you are
  7. It depends on the quality too. In ca low end can be 15$ and on the high 100$

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  8. Im in ny would never pay more than 60 for a gram of dank wax

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