Wax on a cruise??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by kposs7, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. ok so im going on a carnival cruise this coming Saturday. I've seen the posts on here before about sneaking wax and a pen on the cruise but they were pretty old... so i just wanna know for anyone whos been on a cruise pretty recently, is it safe for us to bring a Wax Pen and like a G? whats the security like? also if you have any tips feel free to share:)
  2. You're smuggling this through US Customs/Dept of Homeland Security. That hasn't changed.
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  3. Keyster it that way you have practice for when you get to the big house.

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  4. The cruise I went on to the Caribbean and Mexico had no visible security (November 2015). I could have taken anything I could get through the airport. I didn't take anything as I was being careful, but then was sorry I hadn't. Next time I'm going on a cruise I'm going to medicate/recreate with canna coco caps or Green Dragon Tincture or take some edibles. Have fun, mate.
  5. Yea I never seen security really for a cruise. At least not the one I went on. Maybe one guy standing around collecting a paycheck.

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  6. Where did your cruise go?
  7. The Bahamas then mexico. believe it was cozumel. We drove to the cruise boat l. Didn't take a flight.

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  8. I've been on a few cruises. On the way to mexico I just sent my bag through a metal detector. Wax should be easy, I've brought an ounce of flower before. I got caught smoking in the room and they just told me to quit lol. If I'm not going through airport security I'll bring a ton of weed on the cruise. You'll be the most popular guy on the boat believe that :bongin:

    Haven't been in a few years but I would still bring a stash. Just be stealthy.

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