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    I want to get something to use wax/oil i seen you can use vap pens, Health stones ,nail .but i was wondering what is best ? are they all the same ? nothing to pricey.
    Alsp best site to buy peices from ?
    thanks for any helpful answers :)

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    In my experience TI nails taste weird... I tried it and didn't like it. That being said, I would get a small little rig (similar to what the guy above posted) but look for a quartz nail instead or possibly a quartz domeless if you don't want to deal with the hassle of pulling the dome. The only problem with getting a rig, which really is the most efficient way, is that you need to buy an actual hand torch. I have a bernzomatic that I got at lowes/home depot. They all sell them. It's decent and $25. Some people will tell you to go spend $50 on a torch; no way. So if you are able to find a little rig for $30 let's say, plus a quartz nail for $10 and torch $25 that's $65 or so give or take. A good e-cig combo will probably cost you about $35-50 and the atomizers tend to burn out or flood. They work but everybody agrees rigs are better. I have both but I'm just saying... if you're on a budget you can't get both.
    google green buddha shop, they have well priced nails.
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  3. Vape pens suck ass, so do health stones!

    Vape pens don't really vape and the health stone requires you to torch your dab.

    Save up a little money and buy your self a good little rig with minimal diffusion.

    Do research on nails and see what you like. I've dabbed off I'll 3, all taste good if seasoned correctly.

    Vaporizing at a low temperature will give you the best flavor and also the highest medicated feeling.

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